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Just to chime in this

Just to chime in this discussion a lil bit... There is a lot to be said about what goes on in Creekwood, but the majority of the talking is not even from people on the outside looking in, but from people who just know from what they see on the news. Most of the crimes committed in Creekwood are from people that don't even live out there. Just taking a drive through there, u'd most likely never see one real resident. Every zombie u see lining the streets is from another area, probably a few doors from u, they just don't do their dirt at home, to keep their mom's house out of trouble. and i think it's interesting that so many upity people know so much about the neighborhood, when they don't even visit- is it because most of the people that come out there to keep the "thugs" employed are the very same people u do business from 9-5, yes... if it weren't for the docs, lawyers, etc. that come out there for their daily/weekly supply, these "thugs" would have no money to make. Just take that into consideration. You never see unless u actually look without using someone else's eyes.


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