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Why not just look twice?

It always seems to be the motorcycle riders fault. Almost every time I have seen a wreck in this town the motorcycle rider gets blamed for speeding or "flying down the street". It's stupid. People just don't seem to pay attention to us, and the best excuse is always speed. It's dangerous anywhere you ride, but 99% of the time, a rider knows that they are coming to a dangerous intersection, and looks out for other people/cars. And you can't always depend on the witnesses for honesty in a motorcycle crash situation. Do you know that a few months ago, a wrecker failed to properly secure his load, and when it fell off it hit a guy on a motorcycle. The guy on the bike was issued a ticket for "failing to avoid an accident", even after the driver of the tow truck admitted that it was clearly his fault and "the guy on the bike had nowhere to go." A witness said the driver of the bike was "riding at speeds in excess of 70 miles an hour behind that truck." 'Then how fast was the tow truck driver going?' should have been the next question. Yeah, we drive fast when we can get away with it...who doesn't? You've never gone over the speed limit when there wasn't a cop around? It's always dangerous and inconsiderate when a motorcycle takes off fast from a light, but when a old Mustang with deep dish wheels dumps the clutch and leaves you behind, it's awesome to watch. I don't want to get involved in any kind of online argument or anything of the like, it just needs to be known that there are as many bikes out there as cars and trucks, and attention needs to be paid. When an accident happens the proper actions need to be taken to determine who is at fault, not just some witness who has no training at how to determine how fast a vehicle was traveling, telling the police and news media "that guy was flying down the street." I do not know who it was that got hit, but my deepest sympathies go out to his family & friends.


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