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Gee, why not destroy your own argument?

"Yeah, we drive fast when we can get away with it...who doesn't? You've never gone over the speed limit when there wasn't a cop around?" I don't. Oh, I DID when I was eighteen and was dopey enough to think it was cool, but once a person grows up, speeding just because "you can get away with it" loses its fascination. (Of course, grow up is the key term, there.) In your tale about the wrecker, the motorcyclist SHOULD have been cited for following too closely. Had he maintained the proper interval he would have had plenty of room to stop. (Motorcycles can stop in a much shorter distance than an auto, which is why you should never tailgate a motorcycle.) And yes, the wrecker driver should have been cited for failing to secure his load. It will be up to the investigating officer to decide who was at fault in yesterday's wreck. I have no idea....but if the witnesses are correct and the motorcyclist was speeding, it's painfully obvious he didn't "get away with it" this time. I DO know that if I had a dime for every time a rice-burning crotch-rocket went by me at 25mph over the posted speed, I could probably buy the rider a brain.


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