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Chris Belk

I only know Chris through my son, I have met him on numerous occsions for the past 2 years. He lives in the same complex with my son and was at his apt. as though he lived there too. So was his sister. And just a few weeks ago, my other sons and I went to visit our UNCW brother and I couldn't find a parking place and Chris came out and said, " Here, Mrs...., I'll move my bike and you can park in my space". He always came up and hugged me whenever I visited. Also the last visit, just about 3 weeks ago, he had his little brother visiting for about a week. And the 2 of them were hanging out at my son's Apt. then too. I thought to myself, "What a trustworthy young man Chris must be for his parents to let his little brother come and stay for that long in a college environment". I've met his sister Lauren many times as well, and they both have been dear friends to my son and my son's roommate who is also like a son to me, we've known him since Kindegarten. My son lost his father 15 yrs. ago and a cousin 3 yrs. ago. and I worry how he will deal with yet another death of a loved one. My son had called his other siblings and told them about Chris' death, but he didn't let them tell me 'till he got home today on his way to Charlotte to be with Chris' sister Lauren. I had been worried about my son all week and had just decided that I would email, text and call him several times a day. Today was the first day he responded. Even though I thought something was wrong, I would have never guessed this. I guess he knew I would drive down there had I known. Please don't say stupid, hurtful things about Chris' driving or the young man who hit him. These kids have families who are hurting, judging and trying to second guess what happened won't bring Chris back. We should all concentrate on prayers for CHris' family, he has siblings, parents and extended family who are walking into a changed life. THeir lives will never be the same. The funeral is the easy part. EVERYBODY is there... the hardest part is ahead of them. All of my boys had met Chris, I have 5, and they all thought the world of him. Please just pray for his poor family, that the tender mercies of the Lord will be there for them as they walk through this difficult time ahead. I am deeply, deeply saddened about the entire situation and very concerned for my son and his 2 roommates as well. Pleassae just pray for all those that will be affected by this rippling affect of Chris' death, especially his family. May God's loving, tender mercies be with them.


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