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Comments of the Week: February 13-19

READ MORE: Comments of the Week: February 13-19
Adam Zwan's mother lost her job, and could not afford a medical pump to manage his insulin. “Health care is not a privilege; it's a right and responsibility for every single American citizen,’ said Kay Zwan. Her persistence finally convinced Medicare to cover the cost, which led to a lot of debate. Commonsensenotcommon wrote, "There is no constitutional "right" to healthcare." A lot of people found that comment cold hearted. One viewer responded, "Keep your offensive comments to yourself. Helping humans pay for health related things is never wrong." Another guest agreed, "Until she was laid off, Mrs. Zwan was a working taxpayer. Lord willing, she will be again. In the meantime, is she supposed to watch her son suffer and possibly die to save you a few pennies? Are you that heartless?” But other viewers stood their ground. "Listen, I do feel for the woman, but the fact is that not everyone can be helped, and some people are going to die whether we like it or not as a society. It isn't the government's responsibility to take care of them. If you want that type of government...Canada awaits you." The proposed Titan Cement plant was another hot topic on the web this week. One guest wrote, "So I guess all you people that are against bringing in new jobs to the area walk around in fig leaves and eat dirt. What will you do when your money runs out and there is no work? If there is any chance of more opportunities to feed our families we best take them." Another guest calling himself Fig Leaf posted this response: "The jobs at any price crowd love to attach negative labels to people concerned about the environment. These people can't see past their own nose or wallet. Having a job means nothing if the food chain is so polluted it's not safe for consumption" And finally, hundreds of you logged on to read the in the line of duty. Dozens of comments paid tribute to Officer Richard Matthews, like this one from the Gainey family: "While I never had the pleasure of meeting Officer Matthews, I am so grateful for the service he has provided my family. Thank you for working so hard to keep my neighborhood and my town safe for our children. Thank you for all of the times you protected us and never heard a "thank you" at the end of a hard day. We are sad to have lost you." Thank you for sharing your thoughts this week. We always like to know what you think.

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Cold-hearted.....or common-sense practical?

Perhaps the gushing sob-sisters should realize that a government cannot operate on emotions any more than we can run our financial lives on emotions. It's the surest way to financial ruin. Perhaps they might actually sit down some day and read what is actually IN the Constitution, and what is NOT in the Constitution. Then we won't have people IMAGINING some right to healthcare, nor fifty governors remaining silent while Washington rams something like No Child Left Behind down their throats. Until that day comes, let's talk finances. Even before our current insane spending binge, our national debt was far too high a percentage of GDP. The baby born ten minutes ago owes over $35,000 for his share of the national debt. We have no "spare money" to do anything, and simply printing up more bills or bonds to cover our ongoing party is the governmental equivalent of putting everything on the credit card. Every time Washington dreams up some feel-good entitlement program such as Social Security, Medicaid, or Medicare and forces every American to participate in it, you can make book on the fact that before very long: A. They will expand eligibility and allow in people the program was never intended to help B. The program cost will explode C. We will be required to provide massive cash infusions or the program will go bankrupt. ...but you people want to create a new entitlement, wherein evryone's healthcare is guaranteed by the government? Five out of six Americans are covered by some form of health insurance, but you want to play around and experiment with their care for the sake of that one other person? When the government is paying for your living and medical expenses while you pay for your cable TV and cellular bill, cigarettes and beer, something is terribly, terribly wrong. To the saps, simpletons, and Socialists, however, that's the way it should be. We punitively tax the successful, productive members of society to pay your basic living expenses, thus making your earnings discretionary income to put toward that flat screen HDTV you've had your eye on. Did you see Diane Sawyer's recent report on dental care in Appalachia? No money for dentists, but they can afford tanker trucks of Mountain Dew ad infinitum? We'd better get them some taxpayer-funded dental care soon! That way we can pay to fix their rotting teeth and they can continue to make Pepsi's stock rise on their diet of sugar and citric acid. How much does Medicaid blow evey year on smokers who have smoking related illnesses...and continue to smoke...or children born to mothers who have no husband, no job, but continue to produce offspring? Do we EVER hold anyone responsible for their own situation in life? No....we just reach for the checkbook. "Brother can you spare a trillion?" This country rose to greatness because of people who were self-reliant, believed in individual responsibility, and accepted the realities of life. This country will collapse and vanish from the Earth because of people who demand everything while doing nothing, take absolutely no responsibility for their own situation in life, and expect the government to shield them from the realities of life.....and their allies, of course.

Now he wants to talk about the Constitution

This being one of the few postings from him that I agree with, I still have wonder how Commonsensenotcommontoday,has the nerve to bring up the constitution? I have seen his rants in this forum many many times. Cold hearted is right .... I invite anyone to do a search of his postings ... Then go look at the constitution ... in particular the 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 13th and 14th amendments. Then ask yourself if Commonsensenotcommontoday can really bring up the constitution like he believes in it. Like so many so-called conservatives, the constitution is only referenced when talking about fiscal responsibility, but turn a blind eye to personal freedoms. I prefer real conservatives that believe in the entire constitution, but they are small in number every since the Reagan administration was over run with the so-called Moral Majority ... (which is neither, by the way) claiming to be conservatives.

Let me guess....

YOU imagine rights that don't exist in the 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 13th and 14th Amendments? I guess I'm just not as pro-criminal as you...but I'm more than willing to have you post some of these individual rights that you claim I don't support. This should be interesting....

Exactly ...

Well posted Common. There is no pride left, nor work ethics in the US anymore. It has become to easy just to lay the burden off on other people, and quite frankly, I am fed up with paying for other peoples problems. My parents had 6 kids together and never asked for a handout. My father had more pride than that and worked several jobs as well as trapped when he came home from work to make that extra. There was no such thing as cable tv or even a home telephone. Those were not a neccessity. Food and home was priority. We did not have healthcare insurance. But if we were sick or needed medical services, my dad made arrangements with doctors and hospitals to pay his bills. And he managed to do it. God love Him, he worked his self endlessly for my family and passed away in 2005. Wish there was more determined men like him.

Titan Cement Plant

There is no amount of money or jobs that are worth jepardizing your health for. People need to think what will happen 10,20 years down the road to the water and air quality. Titan is just looking to make a profit, bottom line.

Titan has done nothing wrong

They are a business and yes they want to make money. If they have followed state regulations and get the permits it is our state that does not care about us, not Titan. Complain to the state, not to Titan.

Thank You

I totally agree. Too many people have jumped on this ILLEGAL bandwagon. If they pass the tests and abide by the regulatory agencies they should be allowed to operate. Just because they are unpopular doesn't mean that anyone has a legal right to stop them from opening. It's a moot point. To do otherwise would be called "mob mentality" and as a history buff I can tell you...look through the books. Never has it worked out well