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Comments of the Week: January 25-30

READ MORE: Comments of the Week: January 25-30
After less than 24 hours on our website, the story about a man found dead on River Road had already generated hundreds of hits, and more than 60 comments. A few people were upset about the traffic tie ups Thursday morning. One driver posted, "Ok, I understand that the deputies are taking care of the murder on River Road, but please, please, please put a darn sign near the entrance to River Road by Snows Cut Bridge. They just made a quarter of the county late this morning." Many had strong words in response to the complaints about the traffic, and questions about the victims past. Rhonda Hamilton, who said she knew the victim, wrote this, "A child was taken from this world and people are talking about traffic and his past criminal record!!!!! What is wrong with this picture, no compassion!!!!!!!! If you want to know about Corey let me tell you… He was a good kid that got on the wrong path, got in with the wrong crowd, it happens!!!!!” The other story that generated the most comments this week: Wilmington's proposal to annex even more Monkey Junction residents into the city limits. R Smith, writes, "Enough! Before my neighborhood got annexed, we had police protection, road maintenance, schools, etc...Now we have higher taxes, pot holes and an absence of police patrols. Oh yeah, I'm a lot better off now." There were not many comments in favor of annexation, but the concept did seem to have at least one staunch supporter, who wrote, "Welcome to America. Life isn't fair...get over it. Would you rather reduce taxes and lose those things...?" That comment prompted this response, “It's called no taxation without representation. This country was partly founded on escaping over taxation...we are taxed to death. So no, I won't get over it. Getting over it means I just let my government run a muck and do what they want. I want to keep my hard earned money!” Speaking of taxes, the state of North Carolina is also considering taxing you for downloading music onto your iPod. Lets just say that idea was universally panned by our viewers. One wrote, "I legally buy music from iTunes right now. If this goes through, I will bust out my pirate patch, and surf the high seas in search of tax free music!" And finally, this comment - "When will it stop? The people in power in Raleigh and Washington are the ones that have gotten us into this economic mess, and they think they can just tax us out of it. What’s next? A tax on every email, every mile you drive, every toilet flush, every breath you exhale..." Keep the comments coming; we love to hear what you think.

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you idiots know nothing about him, he was a good kid and most of those charges were because he was drunk or partying and not in the right mind, so mind your business and keep your comments to yourself get a life and stop paying attention to stuff that had nothing to do with you.

You hear the same responses

You hear the same responses everytime someone is killed: he was a good kid, he just got mixed with the wrong crowd, he was turning his life around, etc etc..... He was recently in court on drug charges so obviously he wasn't a "good" kid. He's been arrested several times for assaulting a female, drug charges, larceny, and stolen property, the most recent this past January. If I'm not mistaken, he has/had a warrant out now. I'm not saying he deserved to be killed, but why make him out to be such an angel. Obviously he wasn't turning his life around if he had an outstanding warrant and just got out of jail less than a month ago.

Alton Corey Vann

I would like to extend my condolence to the family of this young man, I hope they take comfort in knowing that he is with lord and that they will see him again. I hope that whoever is responsible don't get any sleep I hope they get exactly what they deserve..


was corey walking on river road? if so where was he going.? did he have a car? was he shot there or just dumped there? the 911 tape said that he had his hands in his pockets. if i was gonna get shot i would not have my hands in my pocket thats for sure.did he live in the area? was he robbed? when are we going to get these answers?

Well if you think about it

Well if you think about it in the article it said that he had court that day on possession of marijuana, right? Was he going to rat on someone and they didn't want to suffer the consequences? I don't think he had a car because I saw hiim walking down St. Andrews a few months ago. I went to school with him and he just got in with the wrong crowd. He was a good kid and he had a heart of gold. I think if someone was about to shoot me and told me not to move or something and my hands were in my pockets I wouldn't move! You weren't there and no one knows the real answer but Corey and the people that were there!