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Commission chair wants answer about ballot mix-up

READ MORE: Commission chair wants answer about ballot mix-up

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Yesterday's election ballot mix-up has New Hanover County Commission Chair Jason Thompson wanting answers. Thompson says someone has to take responsibility for what went on with the ballots at Freedom Baptist Church and the Northeast Library.

Thompson sent a letter to New Hanover County Board of Elections Chair Tommy Guinn extending an invitation to the next County Commission meeting. Thompson says he wants an explanation of what exactly went wrong Tuesday.

He says Guinn could easily reject the invitation, but he says the public and the voters deserve an explanation.

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Ballot error

As a counterpoint: I find Rep. Justice's comments about "incompetence" on the part of the pollworkers absolutely slanderous/libelous. Ditto the fact that the media keeps repeating it. Pollworkers in these precincts outta sue. Let the investigation into the Board of Elections procedure proceed, but don't blame the pollworkers.

Without saying

I believe she is calling incompetence on the leadership, that is the Director and the Board. Having spoken to quite a few involved, it seems fairly agreed upon that the poll workers are loyal citizens doing their best to honor a civic duty. I can say that those county employees working in the elections office are extremely dedicated to their duties. They are all overworked victims of poor leadership. The truth will come out.

Two counties hope 4 a ballot blunder

Sadly Jon David is going to a new job where people in two counties are hating you before you even show up for your first day of work.

Hate Jon David? Sounds more like FEAR Jon David!

Afraid that the days of easy plea bargains and botched cases are over? Worried that the corruption that was Brunswick and Columbus Couty politics under the old regime is in danger?

Exactly why would anyone "hate" Jon David, unless they had been on the opposite side of a courtroom from him and seen his ability, firsthand?

They dealt with Rex they are

They dealt with Rex they are just got use to criminals running their justice system. its time for change most of the time people dont like for someone to come in and shake up their system and make it right. Its not right for people to hate someone they dont even know. Maybe they will get to know him when they want a plea deal

One can hope for a massive

One can hope for a massive mix up. Its sad that two counties can shut out a canidate yet they win anyway. Talk about your vote not counting! If you hate Jon David now... you just wait!



ballot mixup

Can you say accident.......

Easy to Solve

Call Raleigh. There's a whole Government agency up there with Investigators who love to crawl through the records and find the answers. That's what they are paid for.

Should be easy for Mr. Thompson or Representative Justice to make that call & get some corrective measures implemented if merited.

Elections Board

What ever happened to accountability in local government?? It has happened before and those responsible got by with it then. It is time for action. If Thompson and the board have the authority it is time to terminate the responsible person and hire someone who with get the job done correctly the first time. It happened with the ABC fiasco (criminal violations...nothing done). WHY............

Nothing New

Incompetency in government. Like their mistakes is not a regular agenda item. I voted early, the first day and have been wondering if my vote went to who I actually voted for. This type of incompetence cannot be tolerated and someone in the voting commission needs a change in job. The next election if something has not been done to resolve this will result in other elected politicians losing their job. The people have spoke and we are tired of incompetant politicians and government workers. Something better change or we will make changes. Count on it.

About time

Have to applaud Mr. Thompson for stepping up and representing the citizens of this County. The County Board of Elections must truly believe they are above all. "I could easily reject the invitation"???? What kind of arrogance is seeping from this man that he feels the need to respond with such a statement. Guinn, you are responsible for the elections, you are responsible for failing to address the poor leadership and incompetence of your appointed director, and YOU are responsible to the public. First your department screws up, then they respond to the public as if it is a courtesy to address their incompetence. After an F for execution and F for public relations, it seems about time for a change in leadership

I too commend Commissioner

I too commend Commissioner Thompson. I appreciate his efforts to get answers on behalf of the voters and taxpayers of New Hanover County.

Tommy Guinn did not say "I

Tommy Guinn did not say "I could easily reject the invitation." That was a comment made by Jason Thompson addressing a possible response to Mr Thompson's invitation. Maybe, just maybe, it is about time for you to read the whole article, and then, read it again and make sure you have a grasp on the contents before posting.

Guinns Reaction

Oh, thats right, for him to have been quoted he would have had to say something to the public... Which is obviously below him and the board... Thanks for emphasising the real issue!