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Common cold shouldn't halt workouts

READ MORE: Common cold shouldn't halt workouts
Lisa Leinenbach's resolution for 2008 was to lose 100 pounds. She was successful. For her to slow down her exercise routine, it's going to take more than the sniffles and congestion. She explained, "Right now I do have a little upper respiratory stuff going on, but it doesn't keep me from working out." But is working out with the common cold safe? At least one local doctor said yes. Medical doctor Brian Webster said, “For the typical cold and for what we've been seeing here the last few weeks in town it's perfectly fine to continue your exercise routine. If you can go into work you can do your exercise and workout." Brenda Williams, who works out at home, was surprised to learn this. "When I start feeling a little sick a little cold coming on, I do actually stop working out because your body kind of slows down." Doctor Webster said exercise won't make your cold better or worse, but you do need to take steps to try not to spread the virus. To prevent the spread of germs, doctors say to wipe down the exercise machine with an antibacterial cloth both before and after you workout." Doctor Webster said do not work out if your body aches or you have a fever, because that may mean more than just the common cold. Exercising could make your illness worse. If you think you have the flu see your doctor, you may need an anti-biotic.

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nothing but HELP me when I workout when sick...seems to burn it off and I feel better at the end.

Thanks, but I'll pass

If you're doing your workout correctly, you should be totally burned out at the end. That said, your body needs rest and recovery to get over a cold, and getting exhausted from a hard workout doesn't do anything to help that.....but it CAN definitely hurt it. I recall running a hard, fast 10k with a bad cold back in the Spring of '82. The bad cold progressed to Summer-long bronchitis within a few days of that run. So I'd say yes, you can still do SOMETHING, but back off and make your workouts lighter. Don't push yourself as hard as you normally do. Now that I'm an old goat, if I feel something coming on I lay off my workout completely until I feel better. Thankfully, that's a rare occurrence - I very rarely get sick because when you get to be my age, you've built up antibodies to every microbe known to man!