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Community helps fire victims


BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- It will be a long road to recovery for one Brunswick County family that lost two young boys in a fire over the weekend.

Luckily though, many in the community are stepping up to help.

The survivors will have to deal with the scars left by the fire for the rest of their life, but hopefully, they'll make it through a little easier because of all of those showing their support.

Marshall Campo has never met the Bell-Turner family. He's never even heard of them before this weekend. When he heard about the fire that left eight-year-old Anthony and six-year-old Tyler Turner dead, he felt compelled to try and raise money for the family.

Campo said, "They're going to have a lot of expenses, they're going to have the funeral of the two boys, and of course the two girls, the girls that are severely burned."

Campo can relate. More than 30 years ago he lost his son in a car accident and says he was able to make it through the ordeal because of the community's help.

"I know the feeling," Campo said. "This is far supreme what this family is going through compared to what we went through, but I know the feeling and that's what motivated me."

While donations will help pay for financial burdens the family is now left with, it won't help heal the physical wounds the surviving family members will have.

"People deal with burns all their life. It's not a like a broken leg where you can just move on, it is an injury where it presents some unique challenges for a life time."

The family's 11- and 13-year-old daughters were injured the worst in the blaze and it could be weeks before they are released from the hospital.

Even after their physical wounds have healed, doctors say it's likely their emotional wounds will remain.

The four family members who survived are still being treated at the Jaycee Burn Center. The mother does not have health or life insurance and doctors say treating burns can cost anywhere from $250,000 to $1.5 million.

Donations made to the family will first go to pay for funeral costs for the two boys. The remaining money will be to help the mother get back on her feet.

If you would like to make a donation to the family go to any BB&T Bank and let them know you want to donate to the CUE Center Memorial Fund for Samantha and Daniel Bell.

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All I can say is how lucky I am to have been able to be a part of such wonderful kids Thanks Sissy and Danny. Your family has had so much hurt already to bring people in with no questions asked and show you LOVE!!Family works together when things get tough just take a good hard look cuz ... My Family! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

Bleeding Heart

My heart bleeds and hurts for this family. My the good Lord Jesus Christ be with them all, help to take the hurt away, fill their now void, and shower them with his love and blessings. I am so sorry for their loss......

I am a student at Kaitlyn

I am a student at Kaitlyn and Kayla's school and I know that many students that were more close personal friends of there's are still in shock. I had never met the two boys killed in the fire or there parents but please donate and help in any way that you can. People throw around this word like its nothing now but this is a truly tragic event. There family will most likely be scarred for life if not physicly then emotionally. keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Everyone at Myrtle Grove misses you come back soon! :)


Knowing you personally, I have never seen a family as strong as yours. I know with time and understanding, your wounds will begin to heal. My prayers go out to you and your family during this tragic time.

I wonder if anyone has told

I wonder if anyone has told this family about the Shriners Hospital Burn Center. I know the children are currently at Chapel Hill I think... but when they come for years after until the children are 18 they can receive free healthcare with some of the best doctors around. I think the closest Burn hospital is in Cincinnati. But if they contact a Shriner they could get them in touch with the right people. Transportation would not be an issue b/c Shriners will handle all of that. Having been a Shriner child myself I am very familiar with all the miracles they can perform. If someone is reading this that can get in touch with the family, you may want to pass along the information. There is the Wilmington Shrine Club, you can call the local number 395-6272, and the North America Shrine info is at But knowing that these little girls will need ongoing medical assistance for years to come, this would definitely be something worth checking into. May God be with the parents and the family members down this long road ahead of them. I pray that he give them strength and peace to pick up what pieces are left and to continue on.


The information concerning the Shriners was passed on to the family on Monday, and it is my understanding that they have already been in touch with the Shriners Representative for the Brunswick County Region.