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Company hired for Wrightsville Ave. construction files for bankruptcy

The construction company hired to renovate Wrightsville Avenue has gone bankrupt. The Department of Transportation hired Main Line Construction to improve Wrightsville Avenue near Independence. The company was in the middle of creating two new turn lanes to help relieve congestion. But Tuesday the company filed for bankruptcy. Residents said they are worried about the unfinished work. Concerned resident Carolyn Robertson said, “Now we're left with the project two-thirds of the way done, I guess. It's just a very bad hazard here in our area.” DOT engineers have surveyed the construction to make sure there are no maintenance or safety issues. While the bankruptcy will push back the completion date, the DOT still plans to complete the project.

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Should Not Be An Issue

if the DOT required the Contractor to file a Performance Bond which gaurantees the completion of the contracted work. If they did not, someone at the DOT should be looking for new employment.

this should be investigated more closely...

The residents I know of that area (me being one) believe that someone must have gotten paid off for this construction to even get started in the first place. Nothing was needed at that intersection and it was NOT congested! We drive it every day and couldn't believe they were expanding it. With infrastructure literally collapsing around the city, who in the h*ll authorized that frivolous construction project!? and now for it to go belly up is a real slap in the face to the tax payer. Some one should be sitting in jail for this because that construction was dirty money!

prove it

instead of spouting off, prove it. Remember,if this is a road it is DOT governed.