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Comparison of trips to D.C.

The week before nine city officials spent $19,000 on a trip to D.C. for a conference, New Hanover County officials went on a similar trip. Due to budget struggles, the county decided not to send all of the county commissioners to Washington. The three county officials spent $4,300 on their trip to the National Association of Counties Legislative Conference. That's more than $14,000 less than the city spent on their trip. If the county had sent as many officials to its conference the cost would have been comparable. City officials say they wanted to have more voices in support of Wilmington.

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You do the math

I think those who were doing the math. Had there funds cut and they were left behind. And didn't get any of the lottery money for education. And are in the class with 32 children in a trailer, and top it all off the state is going to lay off 700 teacher. I guess that is your sign

Overdone, poor judgement and bad timing....

The same "impact" at the conference, as they call it, could have easily been served with fewer people. The initial article says, "...City officials with some spouses and guests...". Spouses and guests don't impact anything at a conference except additional expenses, which SHOULD come out of THEIR own pockets! "Guests" of the city officials were taken along for a free weekend on the behalf of the taxpayers? This whole thing stinks badly! Who do they think they are? ANY city I've ever been in that has a Ruths Chris Steak house, it is considered a higher end eating establishment. Steaks start at about 30 dollars with everything else a la carte. I wouldn't expect "City Officials" to eat at McDonalds, but it is obvious they took advantage of the trip to wine and dine on the upper level, the expense of the lowly and insignificant taxpayers! It just seems so rediculous to see spending like this with "spouses and guests" when the front page news is littered with budget deficits, job loss, cutting of school programs, loss of tax revenue, loss of volunteer programs and on and on and on.... I now have to wonder if our "City Officials" are stuffing their pockets as well as their faces with the taxpayers money?

I have to disagree

Sometimes you have to spend money to learn how to do your job better. These people went to a CONFERENCE...presumably related to their jobs and positions... to learn from others and hopefully be more effective. In some cases, depending on your profession, attending such conferences periodically (or via education through other sources) may be required to maintain a professional license. Everyone's taking a hard hit... not just the taxpayers but our governments as well. They need to share ideas and learn what it takes to make it through these tough times too. Depending on how long the conference ran (a week?), I'm not so sure $19,000 was wholly unreasonable for 9 people. When my employers of past have sent me to professional conferences, a week's worth of lodging, meals, conference fees, and travel expenses could easily exceed $1k. Actually more if you consider the fact that I'm still on the payroll still and making my regular pay even though I'm not "at work" (your pay does factor into the cost of such trips). Conferences are work... they aren't a vacation. Perhaps they could have gotten away with sending fewer people... perhaps not. All I'm saying is that we should be a bit more open-minded about this.

Comparison of D.C. trips

The whole think is such a crock! All I have to say to the city and county officials is that theyr'e some sorry people! They might say that it's a lot less than than the city officials how much they spent. But the thing is why in the hell are they spending ridiculous amounts of money when it's easy to see how Wilmington is suffering. They don't care, it's not coming out of their pockets. To spend that much money, three people(which they probably took their spouses, which sucks), so I guess thats six people, means they would have had to have more than a comfortable time than we have ever seen in our lives, even if we were ninety-nine! In order to be supportive of N.H.County wasn't shown by these people. All they did was show other's how they walk over us and don't really care how our county is doing deep inside. And the thing is, it's very visible, so they're showing others what sorry human beings they really are. The officials that are there to "support" our county and city are looking really bad in a lot of people's eyes.

Misuse of taxpayers money

All this misuse of taxpayers money could have been used elsewhere. Explain this misuse to people that have lost there jobs. Why annex other areas? I guess so they can go on other trips with their spouses and eat at nice resturants. Maybe an impeachment of all involved is in order or remember them at election time.