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Computer worm seems to have been avoided

READ MORE: Computer worm seems to have been avoided
So far there is no proof Conficker has caused any computer problems, but that doesn't mean we're in the clear. Experts say millions of PC’s could be infected but not show any signs. The Conficker worm has already infected five to ten million PC’s in the past six months. The worm only affects PC’s; Macs are not affected. So how can you tell if your computer has a problem? "It's going to start going really slow, it's going to have pop-ups suggesting you buy products, one of the ones we see a lot of is your computer is infected with viruses, click here to buy something, that's a big one,” said Susan Kadar, owner of Your Computer Friends. Another indication is if you can't get to certain websites you usually visit. But Kadar said there are no guarantee your computer will show signs of an infection and urged people to learn to surf the web safely. "Don't open attachments from people you don't know, don't click on links from people you don't know, you haven't won the lottery from Africa, your bank does not send information to you asking for your social security number and things like this. So safe surfing habits, an anti-virus program, and doing your updates is key and is always going to be key in the environment that we're in." Most believe Conficker is probably after financial information. No one knows who came up with this menace. Some believe the culprit is in the Ukraine since computers there are immune to the virus. Microsoft will pay a $250,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible. Susan Kadar said the Conficker scare may be blown out of proportion, but the publicity on the worm is teaching people how important it is to keep your computer up-to-date. “Sharing music files and video files with other people on the internet that you don't know is basically the equivalent of unprotected internet sex, you have no idea what you're going to end up with at the end of the day."

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