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Concerned residents have their say about traffic around proposed port terminal

Residents concerned about traffic congestion around the proposed international port terminal in Brunswick County will have their say when it comes to new roads. Today, the North Carolina State Ports Authority passed a resolution to support a DOT traffic study. The new port will bring more trucks on roadways, slowing travel for people who live near the Southport facility's location. The study will look at the most cost-effective way to relieve possible congestion of major roadways. The study's resolution could include building a whole new highway. Tom Eagar, NC State Ports Authority CEO, said, "Highway access is a major issue from the stand-point of the community given the amount of traffic that would be generated by the new terminal. We are very sensitive to the communities concerns." The study is expected to take one year. Eagar said, residents will have the chance to give their input, and it will be taken into consideration when coming up with a solution to possible transportation problems.

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Put it somewhere else

I moved to this area 3 years ago for a small community feel for my children. We like it here and do not want it destroyed by having a port built here. The roads can not handle the traffic now and there are no solutions for the added traffic. It is great the port could bring jobs, BUT none of the people working there can afford the overpriced houses here, so that means more traffic coming in from outlining areas. Take your port somewhere else.

I see nothing wrong with

I see nothing wrong with residents not wanting their way of life totally destroyed. There is a lot more here to consider than the almighty dollar. First of all, we are pretty much isolated when we have a hurricane and the roads flood. 133 at this time, is shifting even after extensive repairs not long ago. DOT was inspecting just north of the old Gator Hole store the other day. Something is about to give way again. That leaves NC 211 and NC 87. 211 is a nightmare now near the beach road and 87 runs through BSL and will create more problems. Southport is NOT the place to build a port. So, all you outsiders, mind your own business and leave us alone. Southport is fine like it is.

Just Want Planning

No one seems to be against the Port or truckers. In this area adequate planning for large projects is not altogether assured. Many are worried that the already dangerous, inadequate two-lane country roads leading to tucked-away Southport, will NOT be adequately planned and upgraded. And, most of Southport's past development and popularity, especially the recent real estate explosion, was due to it's historic and waterfront charm. So many want to keep as much of that as possible. That's all. you think this new port....

...the new rail terminals and crossings.... you think ANY of them might require a lot of CEMENT for the concrete?


have any of yall ever stopped to think the government will FIX the roads for truck traffic or do you want a railroad track in your backyard? Im a truck driver and every man in my family drives truck.You think just because you have money you can stop the port from coming in,well guess what it wont work this time,because the port has already made up its mind to build in southport.SO SHUT UP and thank them for all the JOBS it will bring.Oh thats right everyone wants this area to be a retirement community.

port in southport

look people, if you dont want to have anything in your homes then, so be it! quit all of the whining!! i am in the trucking business, my husband is in the trucking business. the government is going to update the roads for the trucks to get thru without bothering you. the move to southport, i really dont like it, but if you stop and think about it, it will bring in more cargo and SUPPLIES that we all need and want. if everything was put onto the rail systems, then how would it get to every store across the US??huh? stop and think about that.


are any of the -current- roadways going to be prepared for this or are there just going to be roads everywhere..if i remember correctly, there is going to be new highway bridge connecting brunswick county and new hanover(apparently a pillar for this bridge is going to go right through the company i work for :( ) this new highway going to be a part of the new port? how about the current roadway systems be updated and taken care of first before the town of southport and else where is trashed with concrete byways. less environmental impact please! i lived near the ferry in southport for 3 years and traffic down park ave and moore street were horrible with speeders and people who just didn't care(probably still is)..because the planners didn't care? are the citizens of southport listened to when idiots blast through there..and living next to the port here in wilmington for a year, it's the same thing. the only difference is, now truckers aren't allowed on the burnett cut through because of narrower passage ways, but what about the speeders and those who run through the stop signs..people just don't care and take advantage whereever they can. and it all started with just putting something somewhere with out thinking about the communities and planning/updating the road systems first!!! caring and courtesy just aren't in the plans.


For all the old time feelings about Southport and how great it is and how it should not change and the port should not come here. Sorry but I think the idea of protecting our Children's future jobs is the utmost important task we need to have. Yes you may have your way of life but that way is not the only way. People never want change. Leave it alone we dont need it. but when your children leave to go find better jobs and you have to live far apart from your family simply because there are no jobs? It does not make since. Not only the fact that if a person has a job they are more likely not to commit a crime, they feel good about themselves and will reflect that image to their children, They will become more productive in the community, Provide sales to local murchants and WE wont need to rely on the tourist that I hear so many "local" people crying about. Look to the future and prepare your family to embrace change that can be good.

Roadways & Railways First

The cargo will not be coming in on rowboats, trawlers, or yachts. So why should it move through our communities on two lane county roads. Yes updated rail would be the best solution. But, for once, let's have the proper highways in place before the industry and development arrives. Southport is a tucked away, quaint place with a bygone appeal. The roads match. These roads have always been dangerous even for residential and tourist use. Hope there is a satisfactory roadway plan in place for this giant enterprise.

These guys are looking for

These guys are looking for the cheapest road solution. The port will cost over $2,000,000,000 but they want to spend only $50,000,000 on new roads. They do not want to upgrade the railroad which is where the cargo needs to be transported instead of 18 wheelers barreling down the small roads getting into accidents and killing people. They do not want to upgrade the railroad and that will lead to citizens being cut off from police and fire services every hour of every day (can you say SUE them for millions when a fire kills someone because they were too freaking cheap to upgrade the railroad lines????) The communities really need to rally together on this and make sure these MAJOR issues are dealt with before they back their cheapo plan.

I live in Boiling Spring

I live in Boiling Spring Lakes on the 133 side of the railroad tracks. I would have been happy if they had just built our new firehouse on the right side of the tracks. Planning, yep, uh huh, right.

State Port traffic

There will be some tree huggers whining and other crying about the traffic increase and noise, but when the local economy begins to feel the effect of the large numbers of good paying jobs that will come as a result of the new port, they will learn to live with it. Over time, alot of the complainers will want jobs there too. It'll be like that woman that whined so much when Wal-mart was planning to build in Southport. If I remember correctly, she was spotted shopping there shortly after it was completed. Hypocracy at it's best.