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Concerns over Titan plant continue

Talks continue about the potential of a Titan Cement plant coming to Castle Hayne, and so do the concerns. Titan America has applied for an air quality permit to begin construction on the proposed cement plant. State Representative Carolyn Justice and State Senator Julia Boseman are asking the Division of Air Quality to postpone that permit until all environmental impact studies are evaluated and made public. This comes after a citizen's group has raised concerns about possible negative health effects from the plant. Representative Justice said issuing permits before knowing the impact Titan will have on the community, is violating the public's trust. The Environmental Protection Agency is about to do a review of its standards that could tighten permitting regulations. Titan released a statement saying, ‘before we can construct our facility, we must prove to state and federal agencies that we will operate a safe facility that will not cause harm to members of our community.’ Justice said, "This decision to sort of move fast on this draft permit, I think takes away people's faith in the system that has followed the process; it almost jump starts something as citizens feel like North Carolina is a little more concerned about Titan than they are about them."

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HealthI impact

Can someone please show me the possible negative health effects from the plant..? Possible can be a lot of things. Someone at the plant could possibly have a hang nail. Is that negative health effects? Show the scientific evidence. We need jobs in the area and not low paying jobs. All the years that Ideal Cement was out there, were there negative health effects then? So the evidence should be out there to prove the negative health effects if there are any. There are Cement Plants out there that has been around for 30 years are more. Why don’t you pay to have someone investigate the Health impact these plants have had on the area they are in? Then once you have the information show it. I would be more likely to stand with you.


Have you really looked into the process of what goes on with getting a air permit? My plant on 421 has been non-production since 1999. We still get the air permit because it cheaper and easier to keep it than go through everything and there . While you do all your putting down about this company. Pull up some facts, they have a clean record in Va. put something on the news that shows facts. Not couple people that say oh it is bad, oh it is bad, well what is bad? show me the facts records, then while you are looking for this go on 421 and ride down the road and you will see a lot worse. Sit at the GE entrance and see the trucks hauling radioactive material out of there onto the highways. look at the landfill smoke that comes out. GO to G H Griffin on 421 and see the smoke and ask the business around there what is on their cars when they get off work. DUST from this plant. Look at Southernstates ACID plant. When you see orange come out from there. RUN. then go knock on the door or TITIAN and say please build here and put our people to work. Because we are 2 in the nation unemployement rate.......... THANK ABOUT IT


at the numbers. You want to make this area worse than it is already? Where is Wilmington number 2 in the nation in unemployment? Can not find that ANY where. Do you think the jobs created is really going to effect this town? The fact is most of our costly health problems are lifetstyle and environment, with both of them intertwined. What if our waters got so polluted that it would close the beaches? Tourism hurt this economy?? Seafood sales?? Not worth the risk!

If everything was going to be OK, then a permit...

If everything was going to be OK, then a permit would be a piece of cake. They would not have anything to fear about NOT getting the Air Quality Permit because of course they would NOT be polluting. So get real. What do you think? How much Titan has to hide about the actual harmful effects is directly proportional to the hurry to get this Air Permit ramrodded through and approved. Kinda like the political scene these days. If it was going to be all good for you then they would lay the plan out with nothing to hide at the start of things.

The only thing Tital should fear.... politicians caving to the lynch mob mentality and trying to force Titan to be treated differently than any other applicant. If Tital can pass all the environmental requirements, they should be given the permits exactly when the law allows them to receive the permits. The rule of law must prevail. If you don't like the laws, CHANGE THEM, but if Titan meets the requirements under current law, they should receive EQUAL PROTECTION AND TREATMENT under law.

Your opinion matters

The fact that you cannot even spell "Titan" right should cue the rest of us in on what we have to fear from another polluter of the environment. That folks is your brain on mercury pollution.

My typing gets sloppy when I'm rushed

My apologies. Now, did you have something of substance to bring to the debate, or are you simply some anal-retentive pipsqueak who wants to point out a couple of typos to impotently try to undermine a valid argument?


This is funny because commonsense always comment on the typos of others.

I don't always agree with

I don't always agree with you (in fact, usually I don't), but I agree that this guy didn't have anything to offer to the conversation. A also agree that if Titan meets the current federal, state, and local environmental standards, then we should let them open. If we don't like the standards, ask our elected representatives to change them.


get your tin foil hat on! The black trucks are coming!