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Conficker: an April fool's joke or hazardous computer worm?

No one's sure if it's an April fool's joke or a genuine threat, nonetheless, security experts are racing against the clock to try to stop an alleged computer worm from potentially infecting millions of computers. The worm is called Conficker C. It has the potential of being one of the most damaging computer attacks we've seen in years. Conficker first surfaced in 2008 and infected nine million computers. The virus, also known among experts as Downandup, was first discovered in November last year. It was sold as part of a kit by a Chinese hacker. Since then, two variants have gone on to infect more than 10 million PC's. Exactly what could happen if the worm attacks is unknown. Experts say it could steal personal information, wipe out hard drives, or con computer users into buying phony software. To keep your computer safe, be sure your anti-virus software is up to date. If your computer isn't updating itself automatically, it could be infected. Microsoft offers a free service scan at The worm does not affect Apple computers. Microsoft has offered a $250,000 reward to find the creator of the program.

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Who wants to infect 10 computers?

What virus maker wantst to infect 10 computers when he can infect millions and millions of computers?

PC's stink! Get a Mac, no

PC's stink! Get a Mac, no conficker, no worries... all good. Not sure if you saw this but a man was able to hack a mac in under 10 seconds...


A MAC'N TRASH...NO THANK YOU! Aren't those things disposable?

Well not entirely true...

It's rather misleading to say Apple computers (Macs) will be unaffected by the virus. Modern-day Macs that can dual-boot and run Windows are just as susceptible if you are in fact running and using Windows on your Mac. If you are just using Mac OS X, then no worries.

Your comment is not entirely true either.. to an extent..

The only a MAC would be infected (could be infected) is if you’re running Windows inside a virtual machine or via Boot Camp.. Not a dual boot or LILO-style boot.

That's absurd

Of course a Mac could be infected if you are dual-booting Windows. Naturally, you'd have to be booted into Windows AND have infected the Windows partition with the virus. What... you think Windows virii can't delete an HFS-formatted partition? Think again. BTW... MAC is short for Medium Access Control. It is NOT short for Macintosh.


are absolutely FOOLISH to think that Macs are not able to get viruses...a few proof of concepts are out there...and if Apple had more market share where the hackers actually CARED about'd be a target...why go after such a SMALL group of individuals when you can go after the MEGA LOAD?