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Conflict resolution added to elementary curriculum

READ MORE: Conflict resolution added to elementary curriculum
Most of the time schools focus on teaching students reading, writing and arithmetic, but soon a different skill set may be added to the curriculum. Mike Corleto -- known as Mr. C by the students at Supply Elementary -- is bringing a new focus to elementary education. "We are doing conflict resolution," Corleto said. "We've just completed the anger management of the curriculum and we are going into the classrooms." Corleto is working with the Mental Health Association of North Carolina to bring a new program called "Healthy Minds, Healthy Children" to elementary students across Brunswick and Pender County. "It's a pilot program and we hope the kids are going to be able to use it for the rest of their lives," Corleto said. The program has five parts: social skills, anger management, self esteem, conflict resolution and stereotyping. Corleto said, "We're trying to do some prevention and get the children to use these tools either in the home, or on the playground." And it looks like his classes are making an impact. One student said, "He teaches us how to control our angry." This lesson focuses on anger management. Corleto said, "With the conflict resolution program we have three tools we've enacted. It's called ACT. A means get away, C means calm down, and the T is for talk about it later." If the program is successful Corleto says the Mental Health Association will likely be given another grant so the classes will be available again next year. Mr. Corleto plans to have the Healthy Minds, Healthy Children lessons reach at least 1,000 kids this semester.

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Just Great

This is just great...I leave the StarNews to get away from idiots like flo and now they are coming over here and invading this place. Things keep getting worse

WSN Liberal Forums & pollitical favorites

Because of the liberal mentality of the WSN staff (Ryan Tuck), anything but approved liberal and anti-Bush voices are quelched. They say they have an open and welcoming format for the forum but it has become a lonely abode for a few liberal hotheads. They censor anything but the shaded view they want the world to be viewed in. Go right ahead and look at who is left there to post. There is a whole world out there to post in with thousands of forums that won't seek to stomp on you and repress what you have to say. Check it out, WWAY is just one of those. Thanks WWAY.

Thats not true. You just

Thats not true. You just cant run around slanderin people thats all. And you cant cuss. Its a pretty good place to write other than that.

Judging the forums-WSN

Interesting that you point that out about the slandering inside a forum. It would seem that a forum like the WSNOnline that denies any responsiability for any of the comments posted on the site from other (any) users in the agreement upon signing up, would not feel like they have to police and censor the forum like they do. Why would they feel the need to outright delete a post that contains nothing but data and information, if they feel that is accurate or not, if they cannot be held liable for the information posted therein??? Sure, anybody can see the need to obfuscate negative offensive language, and they can and do screen this with filters and admin approval. but why do they feel the need to not let someone post information collected in a public file and post it online. One point in particular, the topic could not at that time be even proven by the Star News to be true or untrue. They have become the judge and jury then? What gives them the right or feel the need to take on this role. More often than not it has been in the past to prevent the "leaking" of a particular news item that they picked up and made a story out of. We have all seen this in the past, those of us that have been on the forum since forever... The WSN has their own little sandbox for a forum. And don't think you can go in there and say anything you want, even without the profanity. You will be censored before you know it. In reflection, this should not surprise anyone. With this type of policy, do you think that they are capable of giving you a fair shake on the news of the area? NO! A resounding NO! more like it. They are as biased as they need to be to support the people and cantidates and topics that they feel are important for them to report on in the light that they want it shown in. No thanks WSN, I'll pass on the forum you have and the paper as well. Neither of which are suitable for the fish wrappings or the bird poo!

WSN Censorship - some legal considerations

Regardless of what the WSN's user agreement states, only YOU are agreeing to those terms. A prospective "injured third party" hasn't agreed to them at all. When you then consider that case law regarding liability is lacking, because of the relatively new status of message boards, blogs, etc, it's indeed arguable that the WSN could be sued for facilitating injury by simply allowing a post that in some way (real or imagined) injured that third party. An example that exists in the periphery of Internet Law is that of Kazaa. While it of course pertains primarily to Copyright Law rather than libel or slander, the underlying principle of the courts' findings may hold true across the entire spectrum. In all of the suits filed against Kazaa, their defense was basically, "We just provide the forum - what people do with it up to them." That defense was uniformly rejected by every court, which found that if you provide a an Internet service that, by its very nature, allows people to commit illegal activity, you are part and parcel of that activity and face exposure to criminal or civil charges if you don't monitor that service to prevent (or at least minimize) that activity. I'm not saying that any posts were slanderous or approached libel, I'm simply saying that the WSN is simply playing it safe. Even settling a lawsuit would cost them a bundle, yet would likely be far cheaper than trying to defend against it. Any service that provides message boards or public blogs has to walk a fine line between censorship and possible liability exposure. It's very hard to do, as one man's common sense caution is another man's censorship.

So informed you are not

Sounds like you have it all figured out. The liability issues you address are those of only the paper side of the business, not the online forum realm. The forums are not a news source that the public sees as a 'bonifide news source.' There is a difference Sherlock... Take for instance the online forums like "Don't Date Him Girl!" Surely these types of forums would open many cans of proverbial worms but the courts have ruled that the forum providers are not responsible for the content and in fact do have court mandated part in handing over e-data relevant to cases of slander and libel that arise from such sites. The courts have already ruled on this and made that fact clear, which you are unaware I guess. That is how they absolve themselves of being the responsible party. They, the WSN, cannot be held responsible for what people say in a forum online. They use this as the guise to firmly stomp out any view that does not suit their needs or own view. This is censorship under the pretense of "doing their duty." Why else would they ask poll questions online and then seek to limit those whom may participate in those polls. The libel is that they report that poll data as 'news' when in fact it is misrepresented data. The WSN forums just are an outlet for the local liberal ranters to bark at each other. I wouldn't want to be a part of that spectacle anyway. This shows the p-man just isn't a sucka' for punishment...

Care to cite the case law?

I hardly presented myself as "having it all figured it out,' I simply tossed up a facet that hadn't been mentioned. The immunity you speak of may be currently present in federal law, but is far from being safely established as a permanent bedrock in our legal system. If you seek out actual case law, you'll be shocked at the paucity of decisions on this subject. Additionally, the law is under attack on several fronts. I don't know any of the specifics regarding how badly or why the WSN is censoring their message boards, but you and I both know that anyone can file suit at any time, and they're always aiming for the deep pockets. Even if the WSN refused to settle and successfully obtained a dismissal, it would still cost them more in legal fees than simply never publishing the message would. Yahoo got so paranoid about it when the California Supreme Court started questioning the automatic immunity, that they committed sippuku and basically destroyed their message boards by reformatting into an insufferable nightmare. They also got much freer in hitting the delete button on anything deemed the least bit offensive. So whether we're talking about the WSN or Yahoo, deletions are free - one single day in court costs thousands.

Sources and web ability

Too be sure you are not implying that you yourself cannot look up some simple facts for yourself? Maybe you should stick to rapping and not rely on making silly comments for a day job. These forums exist and have been reported on in the Port City news media several times just in the last few months. Early this summer to be specific to a time on a story from WWAY. There are thousands of forums out there that are not responsible for the content and only try and exclude the inflamatory speech otherwise known as profanity. Easy to do with filters and a little common sense. Plain and simple since you state that you do not know how the WSN forums are run... They use the censorship provision to exclude any voice that they do not expressly feel compliments their own view. Period. Go there and register, read and test the wind. Then speak about what you know about!

Who cares what thousands of

Who cares what thousands of other boards do? Other boards arent part of a small community. If people have such a problem with star news forums and how they are run why dont they just start one of their own. Then they can be the ones to get in trouble and defend theirselves.

You said it

You are just like every other far-left liberal that wants the world to be something that it isn't. People on the forums have to be somewhat accountable for their own postings and accept some measure of personal responsibility. The forum hosts can just be transparent and pass that info on to authorities, with proper notice upon posting, you the contributor, are the responsible party. And boy now more than ever, star news forum is't even a forum! HA! Five old! people saying the same thing like five times a day! ummm, that kinda gets old. Get a life, move on... (psst, just tell them that p-man called you a loser and you might fit right in at the star news forums!)

Judging WSN Forms

Dear Guest Anybody, Your writings are the truth. Back in May we all watched in horror as people on the forms were allowed to bash a sexual assualt victim and her family. Then there was Payton Stickland, anything goes. The list can go on and on, when Ryan Tuck chooses to tuck his head up his behind and play blind,anything goes. But say something negative about a candadate or a cop, and it's a whole different story. I too have given up the forms at WSN and their newspaper. I have no use for their cover ups.


WSN has really gone the route of the liberal press. So liberal in fact that they feel the need to slant the news and promote only the version that they want the paper purchasing public to see. Liberalism under the guise of being "progressive" has cause them to use the same tactics that failed socialism nearly a hundred years ago in Europe. Force feeding the public with the news your political party wants them to see does not an educated public make. Now that they have the online verion, they seek to influence the content there too. They do not even pretend to be fair in reporting, good deeds and accomplishments would be one example. I avoid the Wilmington Star News like I'll avoid voting for the sitting Wilmington council members and political "good buddies" sitting in office catering to the developers needs at the expense of every Wilmington taxpayer. If they have kicked everyone with a slight conservative leaning out of the forums then of course their local polls will not be honest. Honesty is essential in reporting. Otherwise, it's lies. And knowing this, it is criminal. Good for pman for taking the wind out of their online forum sails. A lot of us don't even bother with the WSN forum anymore because of the hypocrites that run that site.

it all started...

it all started about the time someone with five thousand posts began stiriing the pot and trying to get everyone they didin't agree with booted off. go figure!

Yes it did

Yep and I see that person's handle on here.

Hey Preacherman/everyone else from WSN

maybe the third time of me trying to post this will be the charm. Preacherman if you need some website help let me know, I'd be glad to lend a hand to get you some PHP forums up in no time and you can run them however you want.

Preacherman comment

Thanks for all the support. I wish I could explain to each of you what went on behind the scenes over at the WSN. Some fair some unfair. The most unfair was the out and out lie regarding my having committed libel. The WSN wants to know my true identity. If I prove my identity to them and meet face to face, I will be allowed to post again as Preacherman. Sean, Packman, Foo all have similar issues. We might as well paint targets on out foreheads and turn ourselves into the sheriff. I will not post on WWAY's site. The politics here are worse than the ones at WSN. I have contacted some people I know and am trying to start up a forum that we will not be afraid to speak our minds.

Wow - the same old bunch!

How did this happen?

Preacherman Comment


pman a punk

Man enough to out an innocent man, not man enough to out himself.


SIR, MATTHEW 17:21 SAYS, "NOTHING WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU." To do easily what is difficult for others is the mark of talent. To do what is impossible for talent is the mark of genius. Friend Glenda

Pman's Forum

That'll be great Pman.Then we can slander at will.I wunda if we can get away with it?

I am very pleased to hear

I am very pleased to hear that you are carrying on, Pman. I hope to see you again soon. Take care, mate.

Preacherman comment

You are in my daily prayers, Sir. You are a STAR in my eyes and Friendship what the purple bloom is to the grape.

There he is

I was afraid you might be sick or something. I'm glad you're ok. I play the rebel and am kinda hurt that WSN didn't mess with me. I guess they just saw through my dumb azz.


What would make you want to show a picture and address of man that had nothing to do with the incident in question. Libel, maybe; bad judgement, most definitely.

The kid was killed in his front yard thats why!

The post was put up because the address where the kid was killed was the same address listed as the man who is on the board of the wilmington housing authority, the board of the City parks and rec Commission, a mentor of gay kids, an employee at UNCW and the President of the home owners association where these under age kids drink and kill themselves. Is that reason enough for the pman to post what he did? Check yo facts jack!

the facts

The facts are the said man had nothing to do with this incident. Why make it look like he was involved?


The SECOND comment I ever posted to WWAY was ignored; You know how to reach me when your forum is ready.


I made a post, who knows where it went. Gah, I hate posting in this format. If you need any webhelp let me know, Preacherman. I'll be glad to lend a hand to get you some PHP forums up in no time that you can run however you see fit.


If you need any website help let me know. I'll be glad to lend a hand.