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Confusion continues with CFPUA bills

The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority's bills are causing some confusion for customers. In January, the authority sent a letter notifying customers they might see 2 billing cycles on one statement. That is in fact happening, and some customers are complaining that they have to pay for 4 months worth of water use in a matter of weeks. Those customers are worried that they will get hit with late fees or have their water turned off if they cannot come up with all the money right away. Utility Authority spokesperson, Carey Ricks said that will not be the case. “We have taken into consideration the hardship that might put on the customers and we're extending the waving of late fees and cutoffs and we will probably institute that back in June.” The Utility Authority normally bills for its services every two months, but they are still a bit behind. Ricks said the Utility Authority is in the process of sending out bills for January and February. They plan to be caught up by the end of April or the beginning of May, and get back on their regular billing schedule.

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I'd like to know if they're

I'd like to know if they're actually reading the meters or not. No where on the bills does it say that they have. My old bills always said when they read it, or if it was an estimate. I just received a bill that says it's for through November. That means they're still 4 months behind. I'd really like to know if they are trying to rip me off.


At what point will the county commissioners realize that the current mangement of CFPUA is inept? If they were a private company they would have been fired or have driven the company into bankruptcy. Why do we tolerate this level of inefficiency in our government? This is a true example of poor government bureaucracy in action. Think of this the next time you vote for hope and change. The county commissioners must act quickly and decisively to end this wasteful debacle. While the consolidated service entity should remain, a private company should be immediately hired to fix this problem. The CFPUA executive leadership should be replaced immediately.

Water bills

Looks like they are trying to make money. I got 2 bills for the same amount. Just paid one, then got another for the same amount. Any bonuses being given out there?

YES, they have given out

YES, they have given out bonuses.. It was in the news awhile back...

The CFPUA...

has been a SNAFU from the beginning.

meeting downtown on April 7th

If you are tired of the government of Wilmington city or county. Listen to the big talker radio. There will be a meeting held downtown April 7th..It's time to take a stand ..