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Congressman McIntyre against new port in Southport



Several years ago the North Carolina Ports Authority proposed constructing a new, international container facility in Southport. In the past I expressed very serious concerns about how this project might affect the quality of life in Brunswick County. I have also stated that there were very serious questions that needed to be answered before the project could move forward. These include concerns about national security, infrastructure, environmental and economic impacts, and potential affect on local shorelines already struggling with erosion. After years of public debate, I still have these concerns and these questions remain unanswered.

First, as Vice-Chairman of the Armed Services Subcommittee on Terrorism, I am concerned that the location of the proposed port is between two facilities that pose a tempting target of terrorist attack or would be at catastrophic risk in the case of an accident. The site for the proposed international port is near the Progress Energy Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant and the Military Ocean Terminal at Sunny Point. I have not been convinced that security at a port of the size of the proposed project would be adequate enough for the safety and security of the nuclear plant and Sunny Point. More than 90% of the munitions used by our men and women fighting overseas flows through Sunny Point. Doing anything that might pose a risk to that facility would be putting both our soldiers and our national security at risk. In addition, the Brunswick Nuclear Plant is also by the proposed port. Much like Sunny Point, it is not wise or prudent to locate a facility nearby that might pose a risk to the plant.

A reconnaissance study has been completed, but a much more costly feasibility study remains. After listening to the concerns of the people in Brunswick County, and studying this issue I have come to the conclusion that an international port is not right for Southport or the people of Brunswick County. Specifically, my concerns are:

•Because of these concerns, and concerns raised by the communities of Southport, Bald Head Island, Caswell Beach, Boiling Springs, and Saint James - I have come to the conclusion that the proposed international port is too risky and too costly and could cause irreparable harm both economically and environmentally.
•Second, I am concerned that the question of infrastructure associated with a facility the size of the proposed international port has not been answered. A port of this size would require a massive expansion of roads and rails leading to the port. In addition, the flow of heavy trucks and tractor trailers through Brunswick County could expand to a rate that the area has never known. This dramatic expansion in heavy traffic not only poses a strain on the region's infrastructure resources but also raises questions of safety on the roads and economic damage to property values.
•Third, I am also concerned with the potential environmental impacts and the impact on the quality of life of the people of Brunswick County. The Cape Fear River is a treasure that is enjoyed by sportsmen and environmentalists alike. It is an important fish habitat and home to many environmentally sensitive areas. In addition to the environmental sensitivity, Brunswick County is also home to a fishing industry that has existed for centuries. The fishing men and women of North Carolina are already under great strain because of the economy and fishing closures. I am concerned that this port would harm an industry that is already being squeezed.
•Finally, I am concerned about the cost of the international port and our growing national debt. From a few hundred thousand dollars for the initial reconnaissance study to $10 million for the feasibility study, and now several billion for the actual construction of the proposed international port, the question of "how it will be paid for" has not been answered.

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New Ports in North Carolina

"Build it and they will come". I am and still born and bred in North Carolina. My brother served in the Navy from 1989 to 1995, with them he was schooled in Nuclear Engineering for 3 years and on a nuclear Sub Marine for 3 years during the end of the cold war. He already was a certified nuclear engineer when he got out, was smart enough to get a 4 year degree Engineering at N.C.S.U. The First job he was with CP&L. That is what gives me connection to South Port or Oak Island. I am trying to get to a point, and this is where it starts. It is time North Carolina took over and quit getting stepped all over! Quote " Yes we don't want all these economy building assets that causes havoc on our time at he coast of North Carolina. It is time to wake up and smell the coffee. Most of the owners of beach property, I can almost assure you are from out of state. The other main problem areas like South Port have are the fact that they are all seasonal! It is like a ghost town before Halloween. I am a North Carolinian, and I lost everything I had when Textiles pulled out. I have gained an Associates Degree in Global Logistics at Forsyth Tech, and I can see North Carolina making an enormous jump in to the future, instead of lingering along as a "Historic" or "Beautiful State that can Give you the Mountains and the Beach". I love North Carolina with all my heart, and I can see the Future is in front of them and we need to grab it. When they consider drilling for oil was one thing I agreed could hurt North Carolina. I promise you one thing, the future in shipping is in handling ports for Container Ships. North Carolina has the chance to build the greatest and most modern port on the East Coast. Can you imagine the jobs that it will create from one end to the other. This is a chance to build a mega-hub, and maybe futuristic speed rail. We all need to realize that we are only as good as our infrastructure. This country is in need of a major overhaul. I think that some Industrial decisions to leap into Asia may have not been a good idea. Let all North Carolinian's stand up and take over the newest and most important part in global trading. This area can prosper again, and still have beautiful beaches. The amount of revenue that it would bring our state and the employment that it would create. It is time for North Carolina being 1st in something besides Basketball. "Build it I'll Come." Jonathan Grogan

Great Timing Mike

Isn't it interesting that he did not come out against the port until immediately AFTER the legislation made it clear the study funding wasn't happening this year. Real Leadership has backbone and takes a stand BEFORE cover is provided by others. I have to wonder if the state had backed the funding what his position would have been.


an election yr people, guess his plan is working looking at your replies. Do you think he would have said this if his neck wasn't on the block in Nov?

Guesturada....that's the way

Guesturada....that's the way it works. Give voters what they want and you get re-elected. Not too hard to figure out.

McIntyre against port

he just got my vote

NOW he has something to say...

about the proposed port...AFTER months of back/forth discussion by both sides. Might it possible he's trolling for votes?


He's right on. We'd have to bring in work crews because ours are not up to the standards, so no bunch of jobs coming our way.
The ecosystems around there are already stressed.
We don't have enough inspectors to keep tabs on the pile of YangMing crates as is, at our own port. I think he might know just a tad more about the big picture.

Thank goodness!!! Finally

Thank goodness!!! Finally someone who is listening to the people. There is no way highway 87 or 133 can handle all of the traffic that would go through on a daily basis. We moved to Southport because of what a quaint little city is and the last thing we want is for something like this to come in and destroy it. We already have Sunny Point and the power plant as safety concerns, we certainly don't need another huge issue to deal with.

And in spite of the power

And in spite of the power plant and Sunny Point, Southport has remained a quaint little town. The roads over there are such that those workers who live in Southport or Oak Island avoid the "quaint" part of Southport. The proposed location would not change that.

Helping to get us a VA

Helping to get us a VA clinic in Brunswick County and speaking out against the port, he will surely get mine, and plenty more.


how he never worries about the costs associated with all those checks drawn on the Bank of Mike McIntyre which he likes to hand out when in our area.

But the sum of all those checks pale in comparison to the funds which the Great White Father bestows through HUD Housing Grants and other government programs on the Lumbee Tribal Counsel to provide for all the members of the tribe who reward him with their votes every 2 years.

Anybody that has been to

Anybody that has been to Southport knows that there is not and could never be enough infrastructure to handle a port this size much less a stones throw from the Brunswick plant.


He forgot "Fourth, I was cut out of the deal to line my own pockets for my support of this project, so I am against it."

Port opposition increasing

Looks like CEO Tom Eagar may not get that multi-million dollar bonus after all.

He usually gets my vote, but

He usually gets my vote, but just lost it now.

lost votes

He used to be the only democrat beyond the local level that I would vote for. He was on the right side of the coin when the Federal government wanted to force Obama's speech down our children's vote and I applaud him for that. I do applaud him for voting against Obamacare, but he would still have my vote if he had displayed courage enough to speak out against it on the house floor. He sealed the deal when he chose to favor Wilmington over Brunswick County when it came to providing a sufficient medical facility for our Veterans. Brunswick's hospital is moving and it made perfect sense to put a VA hospital there.

As far as the port goes, I don't know if it is a good or bad idea. His concerns about it being damaged in a terrorist attack is pretty baseless considering that Wilmington's port is not that far away, geographically.

I do know that the existing infrastructure in Brunswick County and around Southport are in know way sufficient to support a business of that magnitude. It would cost a lot just to get that infrastructure into place.


I know that North Carolina is beautiful from the mountains to the coast, and we are proud of her. She has a chance to be one of the strongest states in the union. We did not drill for oil, and we are playing the "cheap motel" for people from the North and to the West. Yes we do not have the "Infrastructure" it takes. That is why it is time to seize it. Re-Construct from one to the other. Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs. Security because of Nuclear power plant, they have theirs, and what they do not have is called jobs. Wake Up

He's got my vote for

He's got my vote for standing against the port! Go Mike!

He's now got my vote for

He's now got my vote for being against the port!

McIntrye turns on Port

Ditto ! So much for the campaign speaches: JOBS, JOBS, JOBS! More broken promises.

North Carolina Ports

I do not want to beat a dead dog, but it is time to seize one of the largest and newest form of business that stretches further than the States, it is global. Either we(North Carolinians)get on board, or we will all be second hand citizens in this country. North Carolina is where I was born and bread, and we have lost one of our biggest manufacturers in TEXTILES. We have plenty of oil reserves off our coast and we decline to tap them, and that is fine. To turn down the ability to host Container ships, will kill this state. I love Oak Island, and know they have a Nuclear power plant that is probably the cleanest power that we can get. Right now the future is staring us in the face. Heck, the panama canal was widened just for these ships. I have an Associates Degree in Global Logistics, and I know how the world is changing.If we do not change with it we will be passed by. We are in the dead middle of the US, and it is time to make the change from Tobacco and Textiles, to the powerhouse of Bi-modal transportation.