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Congressman McIntyre talks health care, budget cuts, and stimulus money

READ MORE: Congressman McIntyre talks health care, budget cuts, and stimulus money
While health care reform will get much of the attention of the US House and Senate next month, members of Congress have other priorities, as well. Chief among them is still the economy and whether the federal stimulus plan is working. "There is a lot of chatter nationally about whether it's succeeded. I can tell you locally it has,” said McIntyre. McIntyre points to stimulus money that has helped pay to keep teachers in classrooms in the face of state and local budget cuts, as well as paying for more first responders. "In our area there's explosive growth, and fire departments have got to have the capability to deal with the growing population, so do police departments, so do rescue squads,” McIntyre said. “We've gotten a significant amount of money for our first responders. That's something every tax payer benefits from. It's not targeted to one group." The Congressman said the stimulus has also brought $11 million to our area for beach renourishment. But just last week, the town of Carolina Beach said there was not enough money to take care of all of its oceanfront. McIntyre said that's due in part to state spending cuts, and that he will continue to fight for what he said is the most cost-effective federal funding. "For every $1 we spend on beach renourishment, it generates $320 in tourist revenue. That is essential to our economy. That's a stimulus that can't be replaced." But back to health care; McIntyre said the process needs to slow down and focus on fixing specific problems like Medicare and Medicaid abuse and better utilizing existing resources, like community health centers, like the one in Wilmington. McIntyre added, "They are reaching the uninsured, and they're not driving up the federal deficit even more or adding a trillion dollars if it's part of a massive program like this where there's so many unknown ramifications." Congressman McIntyre said another priority he will work on during the fall session is funding for veterans issues to help take care of the men and women who fight for our country.

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McIntyre is the typical politician

He lacks conviction and is only interested in hanging onto his Congressional seat. When has he taken a firm stance on anything? Not anytime in recent memory. The only thing he is good at is having pictures taken of himself handing out giant checks to the various special interest groups he represents. He tried hanging with the Pelosi/Reid crowd, voting for the fraudulent stimulus bill and other outrageous schemes. Now that that has blown up in his face, expect to see him positioning himself as the "conservative Democrat" he started out as. I hope the voters don't fall for it. McIntyre has had his chance and chose to be the typical politician who only does what his constituents want when he has his feet held to the fire. We need strong leadership -- not business-as-usual politicians who are only looking out for themselves.


I have contacted Congressman Mike Mcintyre's office through e-mails on three diiferent occasions. He has never responded to me! If you have an opposing point of view or he thinks you are confrontational , you will never hear from Mike. As far as debates and townhalls, you can forget it! It is time for a CHANGE.

Where is it going?

So we get 11 million stimulus to go for beach re-nourishment, and then we are told Carolina Beach is not getting enough of the funding because of the state spending cuts. Where in the state is the money going that was supposed to go to the beaches? I would like to know where its being applied or for what it is being spent for. This federal stimulus money is not being kept track of well enough. Where are all the jobs it is supposed to create? It is good that money is being funded toward our Fire and Police Departments, they need the funding. It is not good that our taxes are being raised. If stimulus money was used for funding local and state governments, why did North Carolina raise taxes on all its citizens during a economic downturn. I thought the stimulus was done to help the economy, and local governments so that they would not have to stop spending, or raise taxes more. Simple Math - (Spend More) = (Raise Taxes) = (More Money out your pocket) (Raise Taxes)=(less money for companies to hire workers) We need a governor and representatives that know how to budget, and ones that understand the simple math above.

the people of North Carolina

the people of North Carolina have been asking for a town hall meeting with McIntyre for weeks now.I hope the people of North Carolina will remember this come election time. I think the Congressman across the country are all forgetting that they are ELECTED !!!and should hear what the people in there area have to say. Are you listing Congressman McIntyre.


I am DONE with incumbents across the board!