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Connolly disgraces Southport badge

READ MORE: Connolly disgraces Southport badge
James Connolly used to be a Southport police officer. A year ago, he arrested Arlanda Lee McDuffie after he found him in possession of a gram of cocaine. When it came time to provide the evidence, Connolly couldn't do it. "I apologize for the actions of one officer, and that he disgraced his badge, and his honor,” said J.V. Dove of the Southport Police Department. Connolly reportedly sent the cocaine to be tested at the SBI lab, along with reports, but the SBI has no record of the drugs being tested there. On top of that, Connolly failed to show up at McDuffie's superior court hearing and the judge had no choice but to dismiss his case, along with four to five other felony cases. Brunswick County Assist. District Attorney Chris Thomas could not go on camera due to the pending investigation, but did say, McDuffie could have faced ten to twelve years in prison, for habitual felony charges. McDuffie was convicted of second-degree murder in the past twenty years, not to mention other charges within North Carolina as well. Southport Chief of Police J.V. Dove said Connolly's actions have disgraced their force. "I hope that his actions will not pale the honor and integrity and fidelity of the rest of the officers of this department." Connolly was found guilty of contempt of court, and sentenced to 30 days in jail plus a $500 fine. The case is still under the investigation and Connolly could be found guilty of other charges.

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I'm not debating the type of

I'm not debating the type of person this officer was, but some of you have forgotten what he was arrested for. He was arrested for failing to show up for court. Do any of you realize just how many suspects in cases do not show up for a court case??? How many of them have warrants issued? Looks like to me this judge is either making an example out of this officer or has something against him.

Southport Police

Southport PD is the laughing stock of police departments in Brunswick Co.. There is No leadership with the dept and there is NO Dedication.. The best thing that Southport PD does is "try" to protect the Pantry and the local Restaurants so they can get free or discounted food and meals.. God help them if any of them missed meals.. I think that an area gym needs to offer a discount or free membership to Southport PD and they should have mandatory PT, and I don't mean working out our arms with a folk and knife.. Southport PD could be a great department, but there is No Pride, No Dedication, NO Leadership within the department. Get a new chief, someone younger but experienced and that is willing to stand up for his officers and not play the political games..

Biased Much?

Biased Much?

someone needs to look into

someone needs to look into southport pd. according to chief dove southport doesnt have a drug problem. something seems wrong because county law enforcement has no problem finding drugs in southport i.e. operation first step. way to go chief in letting your most valuable officer go to jail because you want to cut back on over time because of money issues in the move!

Anyone know who supplied

Anyone know who supplied operation first step with tips on where to hit in Southport??? Interesting.

Just because he produces

Just because he produces doesn't make him a great officer. Obviously he has some issues with being truthful. I would rather have half the arrest and have all of them legit than to have even one be based on any bit of fabrication.

Looks like

Is it just me or does Chief Dove look like Buford T. Justice?

Tooo Funny

He really does look like Buford T. Justice. I couldn't stop laughing after reading your post Guesty!


I have to agree with you on this one.

Expecting to hear

I'm waiting to hear Hey Boy, where's sheriff Brandford?? And then of course Oh, pardon me. For some reason you sounded a little taller on radio.

Southport PD

The thing that gets me is, with all the news coverage on this, you would have thought the guy killed someone.. Yeah Connolly wasn't the greatest officer Southport has ever had and he made a big mistake with what he did.. In fact I agree with what he was charged with and he should be held accountable for his actions, But also everyone needs to look at the Southport PD as a whole.. The chain of command there is out the window. Don't get me wrong, Chief Dove is a great guy, but Chief Dove needs to retire. I don't think it was very professional on his part to go on TV and say that the officer involved was a disgrace to the badge, you didn't hear those remarks from him when Officer Ed Myers shot his girlfriend in the shoulder or did you hear him say those remarks when Officer Willis was arrested for drugs. So let the former officer pay for what he did, but at the same time, take pride with the job you do.. I see Southport PD officers and laugh. About 98% of them couldn't chase a suspect on foot if they had to, I've seen some with uniforms that look like they were slept in. The department with the exception of a few,looks very unprofessional. Maybe since Southport has a problem with officers getting in trouble with the law, maybe the city officials should take a good look at the department. Maybe its time for some changes within the department.


I agree on some points made except that Officer Robert Willis was fired for domestic violence not drugs. yes he was on drugs but he was fired for hitting his at that time wife. She has since divorced him.

Very well said, I agree

Very well said, I agree 100%.


What in the world is wrong with all of you .Have you never heard of a corrupt police dept?? The South port PD are hanging this guy out to dry to cover their own butts. The dept flubbed this arrest and threw away the coke, Check to see if you can find a log in sheet for the day the coke was logged in.It is missing!! Also go to NCDOC and check out the rap sheet on this Mcduffie. He was in prison and was let out on probation. Whose fault is this? Also keep and eye on the judge in question, see how many times she dismisses cases giving light sentences and putting these people back on the street.Stop allowing your selves to be fooled by the political rhetoric these people want you to believe.Wake up and check out the fact before you sound off.

To in the Know

Obviously you're not in the know because the Judge doesn't dismiss cases, The District Attorney does and he was not released from prison on probation he was released on parole. He later had a probation case for a misdeameanor. However, if Officer Connelly had been truthful in his report, the ADA COULD have prosecuted him as a habitual felon but instead he (the DA, not the Judge) had to dismiss the charge because there was no evidence to proceed to trial with. You can sit in court on any given day and see that ADA Chris Thomas is serious about getting drug dealers off the streets of Brunswick County. Also Judge Lewis doesn't think twice about sending one to prison. Having said that, with structured sentencing the Judge's are bound by sentencing guidelines and sometimes people cannot be sent to prison for certain crimes if their record level isn't bad enough. Sometimes it is bad enough but the ADA has offered a plea bargain that includes probation not active time. Sure, the Judge could not accept the plea but it would just get continued to another day with another judge and further bog down the court system.

So your saying the DA

So your saying the DA determines if he has enough evidence at trial? Why do we need the Judge? Why did the local paper print that an officer had been issued a show cause hearing? Doesn't the judge always issue one when someone is not in court??????? If not, why this time. If James' fellow officers had told the truth -because this all boiled down to whether there was a piece of crack or not. If not, the department did not lose it. Problem is more than one person saw it bagged into evidence. But, if you fear for your job - you back the departments story or you don't show up to testify. This was a show cause - that turned into a trial with Chris Thomas putting on a show with his "I got yah" sign to colleages, etc. I find such antics in court - immature, unprofessional and disrespectful to all who have to watch. Who was this show put on for. You are right - Mcduffie was on parole. How much time did he serve for that murder??? How many dealers will Chris get off the streets if officers are afraid to make the arrests. No Cops --- No need for a DA