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Conroy Says "No" to UNCW & "Yes" to Tulane

READ MORE: Conroy Turns Down UNCW - Mark Byington Slides Into the Picture

The UNCW men's basketball team is still without a head coach. On top of that the leading candidate, Ed Conroy, withdrew his name from consideration Tuesday afternoon. That happened shortly after the executive committee of the UNCW Board of Trustees held an emergency meeting to discuss a personnel issue related to the job search. On top of that Conroy said "yes" to Tulane University Tuesday night. It’s a job he interviewed for Monday in New Orleans.

When Benny Moss was reassigned within the UNCW athletic department back in January some Seahawk supporters figured the athletic department must have another coach in mind to take over the program. That would be one reason to justify a reassignment in the middle of the season, but apparently that's not the case, as UNCW has gone 68 days without a permanent head coach.

Conroy, the Citadel head coach, turned down the offer to coach UNCW Tuesday afternoon, five days after being offered the position.

T.J. Snell is a Seahawk freshman. He doesn't like it when coaches say no to UNCW.

"It's kinda disappointing, because if other coaches see that there's not any hope for us, then it's kinda disheartening," Snell said. "I'm sure we'll find one."

Former Seahawk guard Mark Byington may be the front-runner now. If the job is offered to Byington, surely he would take it. Currently Byington is an assistant coach under Bobby Cremins at the College of Charleston.

Students at UNCW are anxious for a resolution, including the student body president Mark Blackwell.

"Now that the national championship is over I think it's a safe time to make a selection, because we have a chance to get somebody competitive, but it needs to be the right decision," Blackwell said.

UNCW senior Tanner Currin told WWAY, "You can't rush the process, because I think that’s what the school did with Benny Moss, and that didn't work out at all. I have a feeling we can get the right man here, and the CAA is not a bad conference."

Said Brandon Singleton of Wilmington, "It really shouldn't be that hard to find a coach. There's a lot of coaches out there looking for the lower collegiate jobs."

Brooks Lee is still the interim head coach at UNCW. Moss is still employed at the university, but not involved with the basketball team.

"I feel bad for Benny Moss, because he led by example," Robert Mack of Wilmington said. "I think things could have waited at least until the end of the season."

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is this all the Dub can do?

The coach from the Citadel? Really?
Is that all UNCW can do after the embarrassment of the Benny Moss years?

Especially at a time where college basketball is changing and more and more mid-majors are going further in the NCAA tourney. This year with Butler and recent years' Davidsons, and the CAA's own George Mason.

In addition, it appears as if there's no stopping the expansion of the tourney to 96 teams, meaning the CAA will at least get 2 bids.

All this and UNCW is determined to be a cellar dweller for the foreseeable future...

Maybe, just maybe some

Maybe, just maybe some people don't realize what it takes to win at The Citadel. Citadel athletes have three things working against them that most schools like UNCW don't. They are academics (no breaks for athletes), military requirements, and a student body that predominantly believes that if you are a Varsity athlete you are getting a pass on cadet life. Some coaches have prospered there: Football Coaches Bobby Ross (Georgia Tech, San Diego Chargers, Detroit Lions), Frank Beamer (VA Tech), Red Parker (Clemson); and basketball coaches Norm Sloan (Florida, NC State), Dick Campbell (Xavier), Bill Foster (UNCC, U of Miami, Clemson, VA Tech), Les Robinson (East Tennessee State, NC State), Mike Montgomery (Stanford, Golden State Warriors), and now Ed Conroy. Now tell me again why you wouldn't want an up and coming coach from The Citadel.

Who really cares? I think

Who really cares? I think this whole story should be on the sports page and not headlines. I think we have more important news in area.

He turned the job down.

I guess the much-touted "quality of life" here in Wiltaxingyouton isn't such a big deal after all. And then there's the huge difference in salary between UNCW and Tulane.

Then maybe you should move

Then maybe you should move away.

They held an

emergency meeting.

Here are a few possible candidates:

Bobby Knight -- think of the excitement he would bring to Campus.

Dean Smith -- he did it all at Chapel Hill; now he could come to Earth in Wilmington and bestow some greatness on the Campus. Would probably work cheap as he's on Social Security.

MeadowLark Lemon -- at least he fits in with the comic approach the AD displays.

Did we mention Jerry Wainwright?

On another note, it will send a message if Benny Moss interviews for the now open Citadel position. A stronger message if he is hired.

Will Ms Mehrtens accept accountability for all the negativity she's created?

Great Job

Ms. Mehrtens. You've sent a couple of clear messages.

If you don't like what the Coach is doing, embarass him mid-season in an attempt to get him to walk from the contract and avoid paying him what he is due.

Go public and announce "...he's our guy and the job is his..." before he signs the dotted line.

Find out "our guy" is interviewing with another College, and apparently using the UNCW offer as a bargaining tool, and continue to spin "...he's our guy..." rather than pull the plug and remove the offer from the table.

Do not establish a search committe, as other schools do, but show your force of personaility by trying to muscle a selection through.

Mark Byington may be a good guy; he's a UNCW grad; getting some great experience as #-2 to Coach Cremmins. But does that make him Head Coach qualified for a Division I school?

What message does this whole scenario send to competent Head Coach candidates? For that matter, what message does this send to the current team members and recruit candidates?

Good Job Ms. Mehrtens. Perhaps you need to consider alternate employment. If you'd rather fall on a sword, mine is hanging above the mantle.

Perhaps the search for a coach should start with a new AD.


couldn't agree more. what competent AD basically fires a head coach mid-season with absolutely no sense of a back-up plan. now who looks stupid?

Mehrtens: "Ed Conroy is our guy"; but Conroy still shopping

Guess UNCW isn't in his shopping cart.

Jerry Wainwright

They should definitely explore the option of hiring jerry wainwright back after he built the uncw basketball program in to a caa contender. Brad Brownell was an assistant under wainwright so their best chance of finding another brownell is thru wainwright coaching for about five years and passing the reigns to a trusted younger assistant.

Then what

Jerry would be out of here again just as soon as something better comes along. He did it once and he would do it again..

Probably Not

at his age