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Construction site theft on the rise

Homebuilders and police say theft of construction supplies on job sites is becoming a bigger problem in our area. In the end, it's home buyers who wind up footing the bill. Construction sites are loaded with supplies like copper, lumber and tools, which are all expensive and can all be resold. Theft of these supplies can set builders back weeks and cost thousands of dollars. Last year law enforcement officials in Brunswick County reported 40 four incidents of construction site theft. So far in 2008 there have already been 24 incidents in that area. Law enforcement officials say the problem is common in areas that are growing as fast as ours. President of Cape Fear Homebuilders Jeff Stokley says damage done by thieves is made up for in the home's price. Stokley said, "It's very difficult when you have materials drawn off the site, then you get it ready to be shown and your appliances are stole, that's another couple thousand dollars, and the first thing you know, you're four or five thousand dollars cost added back into the price of the home." In 2005 the General Assembly passed a bill making theft of supplies worth more than three hundred dollars a felony. Law enforcement officials say thieves can re-sell the supplies for half the price, sometimes even to other builders and are stepping up their efforts to crack down on the thefts. Stokley said other builders who knowingly buy from thieves are just as guilty as the thieves themselves.

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like the middle east

Lets start by cutting off the hand of a thief just like they do in the middle east. No, we don't have to go to extremes like throwing rocks at adulteress or lashes for unescorted women. I would think that would slow if not stop the problem of the common thief. Sure you would still have the loser druggie that just doesn't care, but we could come up with another punishment for that and then actually carry them out.

I Understand

I understand your frustration Guesty, but did you ever consider that if we did handle criminals like that, we would become like the radical Muslims we are fighting? No doubt these plea bargains have got to go but it's tough on the taxpayer because our prisons are so over crowded. This is mainly due to people who believe that we should have open boarders and welcome ILLEGAL immigrant thugs into this country. They are wrecking havoc! Our prisons are full of Latino gang thugs. There are people who actually think we ought to deport them...HA! Boy would they love that and we'd just be fighting these criminals all over again! ILLEGAL + CRIME = Maximum Sentence