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Controversial "Hounddog" opens tonight

It was filmed more than two years ago in Wilmington and sparked a national controversy. Now, the movie "Hounddog" is finally making it to the big screen. The film is set in the 1950's and centers around a young girl, played by Dakota Fanning. In one scene, Fanning's character is raped by an older teen. Eric Parkinson, the CEO of Distribution for Empire Films said the movie is tasteful and it uses a respectful way to shed light on a serious topic. But “Hounddog” ignited such a controversy, some called it child pornography. “In some cases I've heard some people say its akin to child pornography and that’s kind of an ignorant position from people who haven't even seen the movie. Anyone who has seen the movie, has verified that there is nothing in it that is more revealing than anything you'd see on an episode of network television,” said Parkinson. “Hounddog” opens tonight in Los Angeles, New York, and a few other cities. It is expected to open in Wilmington around October 10, 2008

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Hounddog's got fleas

Why would I want to watch 12 year old Dakota Fanning get raped? Why would I pay to see her raped? Why would the state of North Carolina give incentives to a film company that has a 12 year old girl raped in it? Are we that desperate and deprived that it should even be a question? We can do better than that can't we?

You're missing the point.

The entire movie is not one long rape scene. The incident occurs, and then the rest of the movie delves into the serious topic with how such a heinous act is dealt with. I think it's great that such a relavent issue is being brought to the public eye, because it's a crime which occurs more often than you might care to imagine.

Why did they show a movie like this before??????

In the movie a time to killed a black girl got raped and the dad killed the man who done it.We has the people should say what we want to see. This movie is not the best but it does happen.NC has enough laws as it is. Who every wants to see it let them. If you don't then don't waste your money.

Why do you pay your cable

Why do you pay your cable TV/internet bill each month when such "other" garbage is on cable channels and the internet as well Birddog? Why do you surf the internet when the possibilities are endless as to what you can search for? What...that never dawned on you did it? You choose what you want to choose what you care not to see. Maybe you don't have cable TV...but we know you have the internet. Get the point???

Um... Hello?

It's a movie. People - yes, even children - get raped in movies, murdered, maimed... I'm not sure what your point is. It is a MOVIE.