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Controversy in Oak Island continues

READ MORE: Controversy in Oak Island continues
The town of Oak Island is being sued by a developer who claims the town has repeatedly refused to release public documents about his project. Since the news broke of that lawsuit, there have been a number of calls from prominent people on the island saying this is hardly an isolated incident. Loman Scott is a retired police detective from Greensboro. He's spent the last 3 years as a volunteer planning board member for the town of Oak Island. He said when he started raising concerns about what he calls illegal activities on the part of the town's government, he was ousted from his job on the planning board. "Basically, all I did was go up there and ask a few questions about another incident that involved the illegal withholding of public documents" said Scott. Town leaders said Mr. Scott was kicked off the board for unprofessional conduct. The details are vague, but they showed me a brief memo explaining that his line of questioning about those public documents prompted a town employee to break down in tears. Scott said they simply used that as an excuse to get rid of him so they could keep the town's business under wraps. The mayor said that is not true. “I've never shut anybody down that was speaking out" The Mayor said that planning board members serve at the pleasure of the council, and it is their prerogative if council members wanted Loman Scott off the board. Mr. Scott is not the only one who said there is more to the story. Former Oak Island Mayor Helen Cashwell is furious that the town shredded 7,000 pounds of public documents recently, and has no record of what was destroyed. "It's not an accident, it wasn't an accident, and my big problem is it isn't being followed up anywhere" said Cashwell. Ms. Cashwell said aside from illegal activities, the town is on the verge of going broke, and town leaders are trying to conceal the town's finances by hiding public records. Cashwell said, "I think that lack of business background is what's showing on this. I really don't know what's driving them" Current Mayor Johnie Vereen said she's wrong, and completely out of line. As for the public records that were destroyed, Mayor Vereen said it was an honest mistake. He said the documents in question were at least 10 years old and have nothing to do with the towns current finances. In a story that aired yesterday, Mayor Vereen said he's as concerned as anyone about the financial wellbeing of Oak Island because he is a tax payer and has to pay his fair share. Mayor Vereen, however, hasn't paid his taxes for his property on the island. He still owes more than 1,000 dollars in back taxes for 2007.

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Good Old Boy System

Maybe we need to look into the way the Town of Oak Island is run or just at the people that we have running it. From all the good old boy favors that are handed out by the order of the Mayor to the Fire Chief and his past to the problems that the Police Dept. is having. You hear it to many times the " Good old boy system of the south". Maybe its time that we follow Mr. Scott and fix the problems that are there and quit sweeping them under the carpets.

Thanks for the comment

Hey don't follow me, follow your own conscience of whats right vs wrong, whats fair for everyone. Go to public meetings, be heard, do whats right. We will get our town back. Loman Scott Oak Island NC

Loman Scott

I worked with Loman Scott, Some one may want to look into his past a little closer!!!

Possible loose parts?

Your not suggesting a possible screw loose are you? LOL BTW, more Greensboro people read this than you may think. One thing for sure, he was a legend in his own mind!

My past?

Thank you for the nice comment, any one that I worked with in the past will always attest to my integrity. I'm not sure I can do the same for you, as I don't know who you are. You must have forgotten to man-up and sign your name. Loman Scott Oak Island NC

loman scott

i met mr scott while working for as-----toskie electric. i found him to be very pleasant to work for and ALWAYS paid what he owed.i also found him to be honest and fair but in the same sentence not take the high road to avoid issues. a man's past is part of him learning to be who he is, obviously there are people who do not think people can change. the way i grew up in north carolina, raised by my grandad, was to fight if you had to and if you were going to run your mouth about someone's character -be man enough to sign your name. in my book he has alot more courage than the average man by making his beliefs public and trying to help. DANIEL SHEARON

Simply amazing. I hope the

Simply amazing. I hope the residents of Oak Island remember all of this come election time. If the city council and mayor are not up for reelection this year, perhaps the citizens should investigate if they are able to have a recall election. I don't live in Oak Island, but I watched the interview today with the mayor talking about how concerned he was with the tax burden, since "he pays taxes, too". Maybe he thought his tax bill was shredded with the other documents.

OI Mayor

Thank you Scotty for standing for what is right. It takes a strong person to speak out. Maybe when Johnny Vareen gets ousted you would consider being Mayor. I wanted you to know you do have a friendly following. I wish the town the best of luck with their current administration cause your gonna need it. Oh yeah ask Johnny about all his companies that no one knows about.

Trace Properties

Allison, the Mayors corporations like Trace Properties are being researched.

Town Website

Suddenly the Town website does not allow Town tax record searches. Coincidence?

Lets take back Oak Island

Thank you project manager, I hope this will open people eyes as to what is going on. Johnny has a long past dealing with his so called companies. It will catch up with him and sooner than he thinks. And as for him he is one of the rudest person I have ever met. He will go down but it will bring the town down also and some people need to be gone. I love Oak Island but it is at it worst at this point. A few departments need overhauls. What the mayor don't understand is that this is our Town as much as it is his. Lets fight for our town and get it back. Maybe a meeting is long overdue. Let me know.

Thank you

Thanks Allison, After spending over 3 years working and fighting for the residential property owners on the Oak Island its so nice to finally have someone thank me. I am very grateful. Loman Scott Oak Island NC


I think I will stop paying my taxes also if Mayor Vereen doesn't have to pay then why should I. How are they going to defend themselves with all of the lawsuits being filed. I think the citizens should declare mutiny aganist the town officials.

Vereen is a buffoon.

Vereen is a buffoon. Perhaps some light can now be shed on just the kind of person he really is. It would be nice to see some real investigative journalism with this guy as the topic. Talk of bankruptcy,two different franchises pulled from him, one being a DMV office, the other a Time Warner cable office. I mean, how bad do you have to be for this to happen. I would like to think that there is an ongoing investigation involving the DMV! Bad checks, shady "business deals" and much more, which hopefully will start to surface now. Wake up Oak Island! Remember these things next time you vote and don't just go with a familiar name. In fact, next time around , let's do some through town hall cleaning.

The Problem is Greater than just Mayor "Little Johnnie Vereen"

While I will have to agree that "Little Johnnie" is perhaps the worst Mayor that the Town of Oak Island has ever had,the bigger problem is that Oak Island has elected an a largely incompetent Board with city management that demonstrates very little if any any competency, particularly by way fiscal management. This statement can be supported in many ways using many instances as examples, but for the purpose of brevity, the primary indication is the lack of fiscal responsibilty. This Board and management has subjected the residents of Oak Island to having the second highest tax burden per capita for its size in the entire State of North Carolina as presented by the "John Locke Foundation" is its 2007 report. Getting their names on the side buildings is their most important goal.