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Corning cuts took place in Wilmington on Wednesday

READ MORE: Corning cuts took place in Wilmington on Wednesday
Corning said it would reduce its global workforce by 3,500 employees. Sources told WWAY, some of those layoffs happened here in Wilmington on Wednesday. The line at the Employment Securities Commission Office hasn't gotten any shorter the past four months. With new layoffs at Corning, it may get longer. "We have a good working relationship with them and they actually do good by their employees because they just don't say ok we are going to lay you off, you're gone,” said Walker Biggs the NHC employment security commission manager. “They've had us go in on what to expect with unemployment insurance and they had other providers go in to let them know what is available to them." In December, the first round of layoffs were geared toward offering early retirement packages, as well as cutting hourly paid staff. This week’s round of layoffs focused on salaries workers. It is part of the global reduction of 3,500 workers. Corning would not comment on just how many people that will impact at their local fiber optical plant. According to the Wilmington Industrial Development website, Corning employs 950 people locally. Former employees reported more than 100 hourly employees and around 20 salaried employees were laid off. A spokesperson told WWAY the recession is impacting all of Corning's locations, and added during these difficult times, Corning is committed to treating all employees with dignity and respect.

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I WOULDN'T GO TO WORK FOR CORNING FOR NOTHING! They have a HISTORY of this sort of thing in this town!


If you look at the history, Corning's last layoff was2002 and before that was a couple decades. That does not include contracted workers. I don't work there now, but did and they do go out of their way to avoid layoffs. Business is business and that's what you have to look at. If nobody's buying you can't afford to stay in business without making cuts. Get the whole picture before making generalizations.

What do you expect them to

What do you expect them to do? The demand for their product is down, their revenues are down, and they need to cut costs. If production has slowed, they need fewer employees. They would be stupid not to cut their workforce. After all, a business exists to make money. If a business is losing money and has more employees than they need, they will either need to cut costs or go out of business. If that happens, none of the employees or stockholders will make anything.


Too often people demonize CEO's and heads of industry when they have to lay off workers. You have to remember their primary responsibility is to their bosses, the stockholders in making sure to maximize profits. They are merely doing their job and that is called business. If it requires layoffs then so be it. Thats life!