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Costly vandalism at Ashley High School

READ MORE: Costly vandalism at Ashley High School
Ashley High School staffers are cleaning up their campus today following some serious vandalism overnight. This is not the first case of vandalism this summer at Ashley High School. But, this time it is going to cost more than $30,000 to clean it up. Eighty-nine double pane windows were broken at the high school. Sheriff Deputies say the suspects used items like rocks, beer bottles and pipes to break the windows. They believe the vandalism happened around 1:30 a.m. Ashley's principal James McAdams says this all comes at a bad time with school starting next week, and teachers expected back to campus tomorrow. "This morning I was mad, now I'm disappointed. This is a beautiful campus, it's named after one of our national heroes, and I just feel real sad, because it doesn't look good for us," said McAdams. Sheriff Deputies were on scene this morning, and are currently investigating leads. If you have any information about the vandalism, call the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office at 910-798-4200

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It's sad

I live right by the school and heard the noise, I called the police too. There were about 5 boys out there being so loud. I'm surprised no one called sooner. I saw 2 boys trying to break into cars that night as well. Luckily I was on my porch or who knows what they would have done. It's such a nice school. The kids in my neighbourhood are always throwing trash in my yard, walking across my yard, and they don't move out of the road. I wish more children had manners. What were these kids doing out that late?

We had some vandals at my

We had some vandals at my job- we had a resident smart enough to snap a quick picture of the children in the act. Moved the picture around on the comptuer- zoomed in a little, printed the picture and in after a week of circulation to other residents- we found them. Contacted the children in question, they panicked and admitted to it. One picture was all it took..... I am thinking that Ashley High School may already have cameras. My child for one loves that school. Beautiful building. You never know VANDALS, my child may be the one they show your picture to. Lets hope you are not a student in any of the schools Ashley's students have gone to in the past. Or, are you stupid enough to be a "Current Student"?

What to do

Our business had three car break-ins and one case of vandalism. We had A wolf company on delany come and install a video system which we can also monitor from home on my computer over the internet. Since they installed the cameras (which are in both plain and hidden view)we have had absolutely no problems and if we did, we would have the evidence to be able to prosecute the criminals.Being what it is, it was only a fraction of the cost that I though it would be and is very affordable.

Come on

Somthing as cheap as cameras could catch or deture vandils for doing this typeof vandalism spend the cash it will save you in the long run see if Easley or some of the other sleaze balls that have taken some of the education funds