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Coty buys nail polish maker


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Cosmetic maker Coty may be shutting down its plant in Rocky Point next summer, but that doesn't mean the company is scaling back all its operations.

Coty, best known for Jennifer Lopez and other famous fragrances, is buying nail polish maker OPI Products. The purchase will allow Coty to tap into OPI's 200-plus chip-resistant nail polishes. It'll also get Coty in the door at the professional salons already carrying OPI products.

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Cody plant

Yeah, that's it, blame me for your place of employment littering the roads and you are an IDIOT for making the statement that other roads have litter on them so it makes it ok to litter on ours. Get a clue !

Yes, it is important!

Who is Cody? Are you too inconsiderate to copy the spelling of the name? It doesn't say much for the quality of your post if you can't even spell the name of the subject of the article in question,eh?


I am not going to get into a "flame war" with you, but where in my statement did I blame you for my place of employment littering? Also, where did I say that it was OK to litter? I stated that I do not litter and that all roads have litter on them. I actively participate in programs around town to decrease litter, including the projects that have taken place on Masonboro Island. I deplore litter, and I am sorry that SOME of my co-workers litter, but that does not make it OK for you to be glad that our plant is closing and that so many hard-working people are going to lose their jobs. So perhaps before you call someone an idiot, learn to comprehend what you are reading. This will be my last statement on this, since I refuse to have a battle of wits with an un-armed person.

Coty Plant

I'm glad to see this plant shut down, the people that work there don't give a damn about the home owners in the area. You drive down Carver Rd and you see trash all the way down the road to the Coty gate. They need to learn to respect the homeowners there and STOP throwing their trash out. Good riddance to these garbage throwers.

glad to see more tax $ leaving the area?

Wow, you're probably one of those carpetbaggers that lives here, but still declares residency in another state - so you don't have to pay as much in property taxes.

When there is no longer that revenue coming in from Coty and its employees to fund all Aunty Bev's pet projects - do you think she is going to just stop them...oh HELL NO - she's just going to figure out a way to get more blood out of those of us who are still here! What an ignorant statement...

P.S. I bet you don't think twice about leaving your trash on the beach when you come to MY backyard to much as we get tired of cleaning up after your lazy a$$es - we still welcome you here...because we appreciate the value of a tax dollar.


What an ignorant statement. I'm glad that you are happy that around 500 people are going to lose their jobs. There are many people that work at Coty (including myself) that are hard-working family people that don't litter. I want you to show me a street or road anywhere that is free of litter.