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Could the gas tax go up?

North Carolina's gasoline tax could go up under a bill moving its way through the Senate. The current tax, 29.9 cents a gallon, has been the highest allowed by state law since 2006, following Hurricane Katrina. To boost revenues, the Senate is proposing to make 29.9 cents the minimum rate, instead of the maximum. A final Senate vote could come next week.

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there a reason for this large increase in went from like 1.79-2.25 QUICK


This year the Nc Legislature has let us down. The so-called Education Lottery is not for education anymore. It should be called greedy politician lottery. Has anyone seen the NC lottery commercial that has been on TV where they brag about raising over 1 Billion dollars to be used for education? Now, on top of them cutting lottery money for education, raising dependent insurance, co payments, deductibles in the state health plan for employees, cutting their annual pay, furloughs, allowing the insurance commissioner to raise homeowners insurance especially in NC coastal areas. Then they tax you on gas higher than ever, even if you buy gas for use in a lawnmower or weedeater (offroad). Now, there are talks of taxing NC drivers by-the-mile! WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TOO! I am leaving NC if they continue on this rampage. tax, tax , tax, spend spend spend, waste , waste

Gas taxes

Where are lottery funds going?

Don't fall for this one again!

The legislators in Raleigh will try to float anything by the populace. There should have been a "rainy day fund" for the state when times were good. Instead, like any group trying to maintain power over the residents, they spend any and all monies over the budget. Keep track of what they spend, and then vote the leeches out of office. North Carolina has one of the highest gas taxes of many nearby states. Vote them out. No more pork. No more giveaways to societal leeches.

Everybody should slack off

Everybody should slack off on their driving. Cancelling vacations and staying home will also help. Less gas bought, stockpiles increase and prices fall. It worked before.

Gas tax

Goes to show it's all about the money & not us citizens. Wonder what the max will be cause you know we won't be charged the minimum. It's time to move forward towards alternative energies & quickly cause our generation is being bled dry. Look at Denmark-they are energy independent-they learned from the oil embargo during the 70s & made the tough choices to promote alternative energy. Now they receive no export fuel & their cars leave zero carbon footprint. This country was very smart-they will go far.

No suprise

The majority voted Beverley Perdue into office. Blame yourself if you voted for her or didn't vote at all. Politicians say one thing to get elected and do another once in. She's not finished creating new taxes and raising others to the maximum either. Government doesn't represent the people anymore, it does what is in the best interest of gaining and maintaining power and control over your lives and money, period. That includes federal, state and local.


we voted for these to people to represent us. They figure because we voted for them, we will be OK with whatever they do. I never voted before this year and I am in my mid 50's because I know politicians look out for themselves and their political careers. They tell us what we want to hear while campaining. Then... But you know all that. Hopefully, someday, we'll get lucky and elect someone that will actually stand-by their campain promises and consider the wants of their constituents. Someday.

Lets see, hummm. Tourist

Lets see, hummm. Tourist season and gas prices going up. Bet thats never happened before around here. LOL


Oh good, so they will now have more funds to misappropriate. If they would use the tax as it is intended, we would have some nice roads. Instead they use it as the general fund piggy bank.


in the WORLD...I think every day I become more and more SICKENED with my governments greed! We already have one of, if not the HIGHEST, the highest gas taxes in the COUNTRY!

Of course it will.

I have no doubt in my mind that this will pass with plenty of support. Question is what will the maximum rate be and how long will it take to get there... Probably high and not long.

gas tax

As history shows when a tax has been raised it never ever goes down.