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Could rides and games return to Carolina Beach Boardwalk?

READ MORE: Could rides and games return to Carolina Beach Boardwalk?
It's been more than ten years since an amusement park lit up the Carolina Beach Boardwalk, but if all goes according to plan, Ferris-wheels and tilt-a-whirls could once again find a home along the shore. Rides and midway games used to line the shores of Carolina Beach, however hotels and retail shops have replaced them. “Sometimes it takes that kind of amusement stuff to make you happy,” said Mayor Joel Macon. Two years ago, some local business owners almost succeed in bringing the carnival atmosphere back to the boardwalk. This summer carnival rides could find a home among a miniature golf course, a summer concert stage, and a revitalized boardwalk. The amusement park will include up to 15 temporary rides and will help the town decide if it should install a park permanently. Carolina Beach residents and visitors both say they've seen drastic improvements in the boardwalk, but say an amusement park could be just the thing to help the beach appeal to the younger crowd. “I think it would be great, there's nothing for anyone down here to do, as in children wise. I think it would bring a whole lot more business down here,” said CB visitor Angel Cook. Plans for the park will be reviewed twice in the middle of April. If everything works out, a small-scale amusement park could open its doors in May. The Town Technical Review Committee reviewed plans for the park on Monday. Carolina Beach Planning Commission and Town Council will look at the plans in the middle of April. Everyone we spoke with said they support bringing amusements back to the boardwalk.

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Now is the time. While Myrtle Beach closed the historic pavilion and took away the rides to make sure golfers had plenty of motel space, they turned a blind eye to the fun for the kids. C.B. has become a run down shanty on the board walk. Now is the time! Do it! Bring the fun and frolic of neon, cotten candy, screams of delight and just a good time for all back to the beach. But now it will be in NC not SC!

CB Rides

It would be great to get the rides down there again. The only problem would be the outrageous prices for the owners in CB and Raleigh want to charge for rent. They have no interest in rent out their broken down buildings for a reasonable price when they are just speculating. Why help the town out when they can just sit on their hands and take a tax loss.

Families vacationing at the

Families vacationing at the beach need a place to take the children in the evening. we always looked forward as children to our nights at the local amusement park. When Ferris' closed down - the boardwalk went down hill. There was nothing to draw families to the boardwalk. Open the rides again and the shops will thrive also. Great Idea - it was amazing how many rides the Ferris' fit into that small space that also included a motel.

Amusement Park at CB

I too grew up on the boardwalk through 60s & 70s. My parents would let us walk to the boardwalk ride the rides, play games, the haunted house. We'd pay $1 & play putt-putt, then go swimming, eat candle apples, corn dogs all day. It was so much fun. The boardwalk was packed sometimes shoulder to shoulder with visitors & locals alike. Fishing on the pier, riding the skyline, the Ferris Wheel was my favorite-it faced the ocean & when it went up & around again-such a thrill. Come on CB lets bring fun back to the boardwalk. These highrise hotels are just in the way. The local motels are much better & friendlier. That's where I worked most summers since I turned 12yrs old & stayed out of trouble, learned how to earn a living.

Build it.

I remember the old boardwalk.Carl and Ruth Ferris ran Seashore Park. The rides were a great family attraction on the boardwalk. I recall the haunted ride the sky Liner ride that took us out on the pier.There was the Wave theater for movie goers , the games and the miniature golf. Hot dogs at the landmark and the picture booth of the half moon where we could get a souvenir of the day at Carolina Beach.I feel this is exactly what the boardwalk needs to bring families to the beach. We now live in Oak Island and believe me there is nothing here but the ocean. I would take the ferry over for a day at Carolina beach if the amusement park and all the family amenities did return. Build it and they will come.


It is so nice to see such positive responses from people for a change! I live at CB and love it. I rarely go to the boardwalk except for an occasional visit to Britts. To see some family friendly things happen like an amusement park and arcades would be a great addition to the recent enhancements and facelift!

I Remember

I remember the days of the old boardwalk at Carolina Beach. It was pretty fun to go down on a summer night and see all the lights and here the sounds and ride the rides. The you could have a hotdog at the Landmark and that made your night. I hope if this comes to Carolina Beach again it will be kept a family atmosphere and the town will not let unruly gangs of teenagers ruin it for everyone. Everybody needs a place to go where they can have fun and not worry about fools fighting and causing trouble. Do it right Carolina Beach and you will have a big part of your history return to your town.

The old boardwalk at Carolina Beach

I remember the old boardwalk at Carolina Beach back in the 1950's, it had many rides and game for all ages. I would have my parents take me to Carolina Beach so that I could ride tne small roller coaster that was for small children ranging from 6-12 years of age. They also had they type fo rides, bupper cars which is still in operation today, and the put-put course, there was alot of other stuff to do during the day and at night.

I think that would be so

I think that would be so great! I remember going there and "riding the rides" when I was growing up.

Please, this could be a very

Please, this could be a very good thing for Carolina Beach and Wilmington. My uncle owned a lot of rides and games there. As children we couldn't wait until summertime. We spent 90% of our summer on the boardwalk. My uncle owned the haunted ride and the monkey game, plus endless tee shirt shops. I wish this was here for my children to enjoy today. My cousins and I stayed out of trouble in our young teenage years by helping to run these shops and it was all around great fun for all families to look forward too. Please do us all a favor and put this together. I will look forward to trying to help this happen. Keep us up to date. Go Carolina Beach.

Rides would be a big plus!

I too grew up at CB and spent many an evening riding the rides, playing the games and going in the haunted house. Ah, what great memories. It would really be a big plus for the boardwalk, and would be some good clean family fun! I agree, go Carolina Beach!

I agree, for the most part

I agree with you, for the most part. I too remember the good ol' days at CB when there was a lot more to do. As long as this new development is implemented carefully, I think it will be a wonderful and lively addition to the beach. I would advise caution on the part of all involved to make sure the boardwalk never again turns into the seedy joint it once was. Folks would drop kids off to play games or ride rides and then adults would head to the boardwalk, and I think if you were here then, you will agree with me that the boardwalk at that time was really not a good place to be. Other than that...I'm all for it! Bring back the good stuff and keep out the negatives!

This is just awesome, me and

This is just awesome, me and my family have been waiting for this to come back for years.. JUST AWEWSOME!!!!!!!!!!