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Councilman Thompson wants to be commissioner

WILMINGTON -- Wilmington City Councilman Jason Thompson says he wants to be a county commissioner. Thompson has sat on Wilmington's city council since 2002. In that time, he's been an outspoken member, sometimes introducing unpopular resolutions. Thompson is currently a member of the Cape Fear Utility Authority, the agency that merged the city and county's public works. If elected, Thompson wants to merge other areas of city and county government. Thompson said, "Maybe I can be a good bridge so that the city and county can work together instead of on their own so much. Maybe we can consolidate some of our management and processes and save a lot of money to the taxpayer." So far Thompson says people have pledged to give his campaign $40,000.

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Jason Thompson is two-faced,

Jason Thompson is two-faced, typical politician who looks down upon anyone who doesn't serve his interests or who he believes won't benefit him by association. I've seen him completely snub someone, but as soon as he realized that person was connected, his whole attitude changed to a slimy, buddy-buddy act. He's also not that bright, and has no business in any role where money or important decisions are involved. Furthermore, he owns slummy properties downtown and has no regard for the welfare of the tenants or condition of the properties (he's a slumlord.) Way to serve the community!

Jason Thompson-County Comm

I hear resentment and ignorance! Before you post a comment about what you believe and feel that Jason Thompson is or is not, back it up with facts. Just in general I believe people are taken back by Jason's ability to speak up for what he believes is in the best interest of the people. I know I dont want a county comm that doesnt speak up and sits quietly by the way side. I want a county comm that stands up for the best interest of the people and despite that its not the most popular thing to do. I want a count comm that is going to fight for this community. He may have a reputation of speaking up but believe me its been for people like you. He has an opinion and speaks it just as you did in your comment. He will fight for what he believes in and that is exactly what he is doing. Who do you want in this position, a well behaved, quiet un opinionated and go with the flow candiate....those are the dangerous. Jason doesnt sugar coat and he will tell exactly his intentions. We are not always going to agree and a mature community could say, I dont condone your decision but certainly I can respect it. Get real....Jason Thompson is the best person for the job!

big dummy say what??

"Jason doesnt sugar coat and he will tell exactly his intentions. We are not always going to agree and a mature community could say, I dont condone your decision but certainly I can respect it. Get real....Jason Thompson is the best person for the job!" That was a quote, but not from me!!!! I know Jason, and I am a staunch Republican who will NEVER again vote for this person for ANY office ANYWHERE! You are right in saying he will tell his intentions....that is....until they condemn him....He is NOT all you THINK he is. And I for one am sick to death of hearing how NOBLE he is by people who ONLY KNOW THE POLITICAL OR BUSINESS side of him, NOT the REAL him!! You are also right in saying I don't condone your decision, but you are wrong in saying ANYONE should RESPECT it!


I really hope Mr. Thompson runs for County Commissioner. Even though I own property in Wilmington city limits I can't vote against Mr. Thompson. That wiil change if he runs for Commissioner. The County has enough problems without him adding to them.

Jason Thompson.

I remember when Mr. Thompson first ran for city council. At that time he appeared to be a honest citizen who wanted to take Wilmington in the right direction. His background also rang true. Well now I'm puzzled about this council member. First I hear, as the comments plainly say, that Mr. Thompson has gone over to the side of the developers for his personal gain. Is this true? Let me say here, development can be good, but only responsible, well planned development, that does not short change the average resident and the environment. That said. I've also heard that Mr. Thompson can strongly react, or overreact, to any comments about his record on city council. Is there any truth to this? I am confused, and would appreciate any information.

Politician hungry for more power?

Not surprised that he would want to seek a higher position in government to abuse.. Jason, you left your principles long ago and do not represent or respect the wishes of the people any more. You strayed as far as from your initial platform as Schwarzenegger has from the Republican party. Its time to end the corruption. Its time to end the career politicians in Wilmington.

Thompson Needs a New Hummer!

This guy sold out the people who elected him so he could buy nice cars, working exclusively for developers who have given Thompson's "business" and other bank accounts (like campaign accounts) big bucks in return for his service. Now he's trying to duck out from the mess he's helped create on City Council by escaping before taxes go up to pay for all the pork thompson has voted for. He also knows most of the major development looming is in the County, not City, so that's where his greed, naturally, is taking him. Another self-interested, tax-and-spend career politician who should be fired by the voters!

where is your proof?

I see the same negative, not supported by facts, rhetoric form the same old complainers. If what you say is true call the FBI and have him arrested. Oh you can't b/c its just political rhetoric. I have seen Jason Thompson consistently vote to protect the citizens of wilmington and look forward to him doing it for the county. MC

The last time I checked it

The last time I checked it takes a majority vote. Why don't you include the other council members in your bashing. This guy is not a one man band!