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Counties ready for flu shots extra early this year

READ MORE: Counties ready for flu shots extra early this year
Flu season typically isn't until later in the fall and winter, but this year, people aren't wasting any time getting their flu shots. The Brunswick County Health Department started offering the seasonal vaccination Tuesday, which is earlier than usual. The flu is especially on everyone's mind this year. "This year, we're starting earlier than normal so people can get their seasonal flu shot and then if there is a vaccine for the H1N1, they'll be able to get that, and they'll be time in between the two shots, so they don't mix,” said Fred Michael of the Brunswick County Health Department. April Simpson got the seasonal flu shot and plans on getting the H1Ni vaccination when it's available. "To prevent my unborn baby from hopefully catching the flu when she's born premature." Deputy Health Director Fred Michael says if you plan to get the flu vaccine, make sure you make an appointment. "One of the problems of everyone waiting in line is everybody's at risk of contaminating each other, and we're trying to avoid that." The shot costs thirty-five dollars, but many insurance companies cover it. The Brunswick County Health Department will be offering the flu vaccination until they run out, but they say the sooner you can get it, the better. Here is a county-by-county look at when and where flu shots will be available. New Hanover County flu shots: Flu shots start at the Health Department on September 19th by appointment. You can find more information out by visiting the NHC website. Columbus County: Regular seasonal flu vaccinations will begin September 14, 2009 and will be offered at the Columbus County Health Department from 1PM-4PM daily. Appointments are not needed. Bladen County: Bladen county flu shots will be given starting September 1st from 1-4pm. Walk ins only. More info at the Bladen Health Department website. Brunswick County: Flu shots for Brunswick county residents will be given starting September 1st, 2009 at the Brunswick County health department from 1-4pm BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.More info available on their website.

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wha knows when they will get the flue shot.. It just takes 5 directors and the BoD to make a simple decision.. Anyway, most of the time not enough is ordered for the clinics... Aslo if you really want to get freaked out, on the Center For Disease Controls Government Website you can look at the Draft for the North Carolina isolation order (notice the website address.. Not its not made up.. this is how North Carolina will be locking down should it get bad.. (Swine flu)

Ready early for Flu Shots

It was confusing for me this morning when I checked with Wilmington Health Care Assoc about getting on the list for simply a seasonal flu shot. I was told they did not know when the vaccine would be available and to check back at the end of September. I was simply trying to avoid the rush.

Waiting in line to obtain flu shots from..

a govt handout? I believe we already have "socialism" medicine, and people want the govt. to control your healthcare needs even more.??? What was the contracted price the county had to pay for those shots? Sounds like more hype to sell vaccines to the public. Don't worry folks I am sure the FDA has made sure these things are cost effective and SAFE.?? So is the new administration for health care the pharmaceutical industry? So what do all the preservatives in these vaccines do to ones health over time? Wonder about that cost?? Call me crazy but the cost of sick care is going drown this country!

Swine Flu Shots

When and if they become available, why would NC be giving "SWINE" flu shots to everyone EXCEPT THOSE 65 YEARS OLD AND OLDER? Along with children, they are the most vulnerable to the flu of any kind. Are we already seeing the elderly being excluded from health care?