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County chairman says it's time for CFPUA to get things straightened out

READ MORE: County chairman calls for replacement of CFPUA board, CEO if things don't improve

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority has been under fire from customers since it started operating a couple years ago. Now it's getting heat from New Hanover County Commission Chair Jason Thompson. Thompson says the Utility Authority is neglecting the public's concerns and not addressing major issues like billing problems and rate hikes.

Wilmington and New Hanover County consolidated their water and sewer services to form the CFPUA in 2008. CEO Matt Jordan says with that merge, the authority inherited more than $300 million in debt from the city and the county.

"I want all the viewers to know we're doing our part every year to look hard at what we do to make sure we continually improve and that we're efficient and that we hold down our cost and continue to reduce cost as we have over the first two years of our existence," Jordan said.

Jordan says the Authority is doing all it can to lower rates and improve infrastructure, but Thompson is not convinced.

"It's been, I guess, close to three years, and I'm still getting way too many complaints, way too many e-mails, people bringing me their bill saying 'How is it possible I used 68,000 gallons?' or 'This is an empty lot, there's not even water and sewer. Why are the sending me a bill?'" Thompson said.

Thompson plans to address the CFPUA problems at the next County Commission meeting.

The CFPUA plans to increase rates by a maximum of 15 percent next year. That increase will go toward repaying debt on improvement projects.

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Brian Berger was right

Little I can add to this comment=except Berger deserves my vote.
He had the courage to challenge the old guard when his opponents were either sitting on their hands or in Catlin's case going along to get along. Brian has earned this dems vote- I voted for others before but it is time for a real change and Berger with his stand on CFPUA, ABC opposition to Titan and more taxes is simply correct on issues that really matter.

Berger was right

Mcintyre and Catlin--different parties same issue--old guard and phonies---Mcintyre is part of the Obama failures and arrogance in DC and Catlin is a caster clone and not a team player--it is shameful that old guard self perpetuating failed leaders still dont get it. Rick is a phony who stands for more of the same ole boy failures.
Brian Berger is a lot younger than Rick but he has courage and stands for something that Rick is simply oblivious too.
Which is worse tax and spend democrats or politicos like catlin who stand for special interests. Earlier comment was right-Berger is better choice--where is NHC republican leadership with a real team effort----I guess like the folks elsewhere they just dont get it