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County commissioners approve permit for cell tower on school property

READ MORE: County commissioners approve permit for cell tower on school property
County commissioners approved a special use permit for a 90-foot cell tower on Murrayville Elementary property. Parents and nearby residents were upset and frustrated with the decision. Parents said they only found out about the school board's decision to lease the property to AT&T five days ago from neighboring property owners. Some property owners got letters in the mail, only a little before that. Concerned homeowner Kim Harrell said, "Nobody is going to want to buy my house that we've maintained for 24 years, very nicely, with a big cell tower in the background. When you take a picture of the house, you're going to see a big cell tower. I mean, there's just no getting around it.” It is not just declining property values, but also health concerns that are at the heart of the argument against a cell phone tower on school property. "There are studies out there to go both ways and because of that, I'd rather err on the side of caution for the safety of my child," said Murrayville Elementary PTA vice president Angela Peterson. County commissioners heard from representatives for the American Tower Corporation, as well as the opposing sides. Federal law limits municipalities from evaluating health concerns when approving or denying permits, since there is no concrete evidence linking health problems to cell towers. In the end, only Commissioner Greer voted against the permit, saying he would not want it in his neighborhood. The Murrayville PTA and property owners are still hopeful that there is some sort of recourse against the county commission’s decision. The money from the lease of the land for the tower will go back to the New Hanover County School Board.

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Killing of Our Children / Cell Towers

The involuntary irradiation of children by our public school system will become a thing of the past someday when the casualties begin mounting. Many scientists expect that the numbers will surpass tobacco and asbestos combined but in the United States most people are unaware of the thousands of studies worldwide that confirm the dangers of this technology. Studies of cancer clusters that are in close proximity to cell towers are numerous and can be found easily on the internet. Funding is pulled from schools and they are forced to welcome the death rays from towers. One might think this a premeditated strategy as it is so widespread. Why so many telecoms want to locate on school property is a mystery except that they find them starved for money and ignorant of the effects. I pulled my child from her school when they put a tower in and now reports of headaches and focus problems are beginning to surface. Good Luck Parents and Kids!!


I have a kid that goes there...and I really don't see what all the fuss is about. The cell tower isn't going to devalue property...they are all over the place...they are so common place now you can almost pass one and not notice it. As far as health concerns....the same parents afraid of these dangerous cell towers...hold a cell phone up to their ears most of the day...probably allow their children to do the same...

You don't think...

this will devalue your property, ha. If I saw a cell phone tower in your back yard, then I would not give you a dime for it. The property value is irrelevant compared to putting one right by a school! People we know very little about electromagnetic radiation and that is fact number ONE! We live in a electromagnetic field. This field can be drastically changed with other EMF's. If anyone with common sense does not think this will effect biological activty, then you are a FOOL! What are the effects, well actually there are some very interesting tumors coming about already. And we have been using cell phones how long???? Just because it is hard to prove something. You can not ignore something you can not disprove! Remember the dollar bill always says it is safe!

Not only that, but take them

Not only that, but take them to Mickey Dees 10 times a week, subject them to second hand smoke and drive with their kids in the car while texting. Cell towers are probably the least of worries.