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County commissioners approve $13 million in economic incentives

New Hanover County Commissioners voted to spend millions of taxpayer dollars Monday night -- public dollars to lure private enterprise here with hopes of a big payoff down the line. New Hanover County will offer GE and Invista a combined $13 million to expand their operations here. That's one of the largest economic development incentives the county has ever offered, but it's one commissioner say, will create a profitable return. The vote was unanimous. The county will offer GE $10 million over 12 years and Invista $3 million over six years. It's an incentives package that the county hopes will mean good things for our local economy. "GE said possibly they would invest $900 million and employ 900 people, so that's just a tremendous investment," County Commissioner Vice Chair Robert Greer said. Opponents of the incentives say the county shouldn't use public money to fund private business. But County Commissioners say incentives have proven to be valuable, especially in the case of GE. "The last time we offered something to them in the form of a grant they more than doubled what they said they were going to do in terms of their investment and employees," Greer said. Just because the incentives were approved, doesn't mean the checks are in the mail. The vote only approves the offer of the funds and then a contract is written, binding the companies to follow through on what each promised. For GE it's an investment of $900 million and 900 jobs, for Invista it's a $200 million investment and 50 jobs. There is no guarantee that either company will chose to expand here. The offer will now be presented to them, and the companies are expected to make a decision by the end of this year. Also, each company treats its own waste, so representatives say neither one will put additional strain on our sewer system.

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GE incentives HA HA HA

I work for GE. I know for a fact from seeing internal memos that GE has already planned to bring in those employees here. They are now constructing a new parking lot, a new engineer facility which is 6 stories high, a visitors center, and a central cafe. The county doesn't have to give them the incentives to do this. GE is doing it anyway. All this is about is so a politician can take credit during his/her campaign for bringing jobs here. The same thing happened a couple of years ago when the county or city gave GE $250,000 to bring 250 employees here from California. When the county made the announcements, GE was already shifting office furniture and making renovations to accomidate the new employees. (It was already in the works) GE gave the $250,000 back as an education grant. So the politician got what they wanted and GE got what they wanted by being seen in the public eye as a good community business and also get the tax write off. People, we need to speak up and say NO to our tax dollars going for tax incentives to corporations. You might say, "Those jobs will go out of our state or out of our country." SO!!! Most of the time this is a lame argument. Most of the time it's not affordable because of the tariffs to bring the product back in the US. The state battles must be stopped in congress. Tax payers monies must not be used to buy businesses to come to our towns. The politicians will also say, "It's an investment." FALSE!!! Have you ever heard of a politician give us back our tax money once their investment began to give them a return? ABSOLUTELY NOT. So don't believe them. They are lieing. WE NEED TO CALL THE POLITICIANS ON THIS. IT'S A SCAM, AND WE THE TAX PAYERS ARE GETTING ROBBED.

ge and invista jobs

i work with a lady who's husband works for GE and i asked her what jobs are going to be available-she said her husband said that they will be taken by transferees and those that will be advertised locally, will be for highly qualified professional positions such as engineers with batchelor and masters degrees. its good that they may expand and add more jobs to add to the economy but it doesnt help the average person these are not by any means entry level positions. sorry to be a spoiler.

County Incentives

The last sentence of your piece is interesting. You say they treat their own waste; that raises the question 's: how is it treated? who checks the treatmeent? where does the discharge go. Please complete your report.