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County Commissioners honor Kim Munley

Monday night, the county commission honored hometown hero Kim Munley. The Carolina Beach native helped take down the Fort Hood gunman last month. While she recovers from multiple surgeries after suffering life-threatening wounds her family accepted the certificate on her behalf. “Her heart is here in New Hanover County, even though she is still in Fort Hood, she would love to be here to thank everyone for all they're support. Unfortunately she won't be able to travel for at least another of couple of months, but she sends her love to all New Hanover County residents and wishes she could be here sooner to thank everyone,” said Kim Munley’s father Dennis Barbour. Munley is expected to have knee-replacement surgery at a hospital in Texas early next month.

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Munley the joke

What a joke, why give a award to someone for doing what they are trained and paid to do. If you give her an award, then you need to give every Paramedic that saved a life, every Firefighter that rescued someone an award. How can she be a hero when she was doing her job, A HERO would of been someone NOT paid or trained to do what she did. Oh, and if she REALLY cared about New Hanover County, she would live and be a Officer here.

You sound like you have some

You sound like you have some issues with women. Too bad for you.

Who's The Real Joke?

You are correct, she was doing her job, just like all emergency personnel does. Putting her down because the county commisioners want to give her an award shows me what a JOKE you are. Like you said she was just doing her job. She didn't ask people to heap accolades on her. You also stated that "A HERO would of been someone NOT paid or trained to do what she did." Tell that to the parents of a 'Medal of Honor' recipient who gave the ultimate sacrifice. The beef you have with her being called a hero should be with those who call her that, not her and the last line you wrote: "Oh, and if she REALLY cared about New Hanover County, she would live and be a Officer here." proves 'YOU ARE THE JOKE'


you idiot, you have no idea what a hero is do you? i bet you still live at home with your mom and play dungeons and dragons....idiot

a Hero yes she is

she is a hero because she took down a crazy man- he was murdering people for no reason. he could have kept shooting others and she stopped him. Can it be explained any more dummy.

This has to be the most

This has to be the most ignorant thing I've ever read! Just because our military, law enforcement, fire, and rescue personnel are paid doesn't mean that they aren't heroes. So even though you make ignorant, unappreciative statements, I guarantee you any police officer in your town would do whatever they could to save your life if you needed it, and still collect their crappy paycheck.

You're a joke

According to your premise, anyone who becomes a sworn federal officer doesn't care about their home town? Deputy Marshals, Special Agents at the Bureau, Secret Service agents, Border Patrolmen, none of them care about their home town? How large would Wilmington PD and NHCSO have to be to employ everyone from the local area who wants a career in law enforcement? Om a more practical note, would you like to compare starting federal salaries with those two local agencies? She may not be a "hero," and she may not rate any special award, but she is certainly NOT a joke. The simple fact that she was there returning fire, means that she didn't let anyone down. She did exactly what was expected: She went into harm's way and didn't hesitate. She put her life on the line.