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FIRST ON 3: County could take over Soccer Park

READ MORE: County could take over Soccer Park

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- Starting Friday soccer fans around the globe will be captivated by the World Cup. Meanwhile the future of a local soccer park is in question as money for the up-keep of the fields is running dry.

The Cape Fear Regional Soccer Park is one of the best-known facilities for anyone in the area who plays the game, but control of the park may soon change hands. At the end of the month the maintenance funding agreement between New Hanover County and the Cape Fear Soccer Association expires. The CFSA currently gets money from the county. The association then contracts someone to do the work.

The county wants to take over the maintenance of the Soccer Park, which would cost much less than what it's giving the CFSA now, but to do the work, the county wants to control scheduling of the park.

"What we're proposing, because we have a travel crew together for the fields, is that we would take that under the county umbrella to maintain it," New Hanover County Parks Director Jim McDaniel said. "From there we're asking for the right to book it and do the scheduling as well."

The CFSA seems OK with the idea.

"We would welcome that," Peter Broadley, CFSA Executive Director, said. "That wouldn't be that much of a problem."

McDaniel says the county having control of the park would give other citizens who do not play soccer a chance at using the park for festivals or other events.

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Another NHC success story!

Gosh, we give these beggars $150k but they still can't manage their little soccer business? Should we give them more? No - let's just run it for them! That way the red-ink stream can keep flowing from the taxpayers' wallets. Plus, the commissioners have "cover" by not having another blatant giveaway exposed. They can pretend that the county somehow benefits from blowing more money on a niche group.

When are the corrupt, sleazy politicians that we refer to as the county commissioners going to realize that it's OUR money, not theirs to blow on their pals and contributors? The county has no business getting in bed with private organizations that should be paying their own way through life.

BTW, anyone care to guess how Caster voted on the Great Three-year Soccer Giveaway...?

Different Strokes

After several years of having children play at CFS, we switched to Port City. yes it's smaller, more manicured and less hastle. We volunteered to coach at CFS and what chaos. Port City we've had no issues. I appreciate what CFSA has done for the youth of this town, but bigger is not necessarily better. Tone it down a notch, quit trying to make a profit and maybe people will start coming back. What a difference. Can't speak for the 421 fileds though. Never been there and hopefully never will.

As it should be

Being that Cape Fear is a private soccer club that takes public tax money to operate fields that they have control over who uses, it only makes sense that the county should have control over all the fields. Just keep jason thompson out of the mix since he will screw the pooch to get what he wants.