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County employment numbers headed in the wrong direction

READ MORE: County employment numbers headed in the wrong direction
These are busy times for job hunters. No matter how you cut it, unemployment numbers are going in the wrong direction. Brunswick County 10.8 - Up six-tenths from April Pender County 11.2 - Up three-tenths New Hanover County 9.4 - Up six-tenths. The metro average for the three counties - ten percent; that is up half a point. That's below the state average, but not Columbus County which was unchanged at 13 percent. Bladen County was up half a point to 12.3. State employment security offices have been busy. Extended unemployment benefits have taken some of the worst pressure off job hunters in a tight market and there are signs of a recovery on the horizon. That said, the numbers may get worse as several announced closings, like the Coty facility in Rocky Point unfold. Walker Biggs said his agency is working with community colleges to focus on re-training. Some of the jobs that have gone away simply won't be coming back. Those workers need to be ready to step into new fields like health care and high tech.

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WAIT A MINUTE...the Messiah said this wouldn't happen if we did a stimulus package...the Messiah said that this wouldn't happen if states took the money....MORONS!

County, State, and Federal employment numbers NEED to go down

These are not productive jobs, and they drain resources from the private sector. This is the time to slash government to reasonable levels, not try to sustain the bloated bureaucracy and all of the useless government programs and offices. We need real, productive jobs (ie manufacturing) to get back on track. Sustaining wasteful government through heavy taxation and stringent regulations will only make certain that productive jobs and potential employers will avoid this area like the plague.

County, State & Federal???

I think you misunderstood the article. The unemployment numbers are not for government workers, but for available jobs in the entire county - both public and private sectors. And I'm confused by your statement that government "drains resources from the private sector?" Not sure who would really like to work for government unless they had to. It's certainly not for the pay, and not for the benefits, either. Government is actually experiencing a major retention problem.

These number are much worse

These number are much worse than the numbers shown by the ESC. In our area and probably in many other area's there are so many self employed people and a large number of people working under the table that are not eligible for unemployment benefits it is possible that these numbers are off by 4 or 5 percent.

Unemployment Heading in Wrong Direction

This is not surprising since neither the state or federal government has a program to create any real new jobs. And, when the effect of the energy tax bill hit us in the pocketbook, the situation will worsen even more. Our representatives and senators have let us down, and the Governor is out of touch.