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School employees simulate poverty


New Hanover County school employees spent Monday learning about the pain of poverty. The experience brought social workers, counselors, nurses and administrators together for a day of realistic role play. Those who participated faced many struggles that low-income families face on a daily basis: Homelessness, illiteracy, hunger, inability to pay bills and more.

Sharon Goodson who helped coordinate the event said it is not training but an experience.

"We hope this experience will actually change people to the degree that they actually want to do something to be able to better serve low-income families and children," Goodson said.

The simulation took the participants through a month in the life of people affected by poverty. In New Hanover County 44 percent of students receive free or reduced lunches and 273 are identified as homeless.

The event continues Tuesday with 70 New Hanover County School employees attending.

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So let's see: Average daily

So let's see:
Average daily income $200 per employee
70(employees)* $200= $14,000 Total Waste

How about simulating teaching?

We have enough social workers. Teachers are here to teach.

If a student needs additional attention, fine. You cannot, however, cure all of society's ills and most of all, cannot lose sight of the fact that your job is to teach the subject for the benefit of the entire class.

Maybe if we cut out the feel-good, Sesame Street crappola and concentrated on the program of instruction, EOG scores would climb?

As a teacher...

Sadly, teachers cannot just teach their academic subjetcs anymore. Students are coming to school being able to do less and less independently. I know of second graders who cannot tie their shoes, do not know how to share, do not know good manners, and do not know the basic principles of being a good citizen. When you're having to spend your time teaching kids not to talk when you're talking, how to blow their nose, and when to say "please," "thank you," and "excuse me," it takes away from instructional time.
Kids from poverty are often (not always) coming to school knowing horrible things about sex, drugs, guns, and so forth but not knowing that you read from left to right or how to hold a pencil.
I guess my point is that parents need to be interacting with their kids more at home: teach them how to blow their nose and hold a door for the person behind them instead of just doing it for them. Don't forget that you are the most important people in their lives!!!

Its not that simple...

Its hard for alot of parents to interact with thier children. Especially when they have to hold down 2 jobs to make ends meet & they are not home to convey certain values to them. This problem stretches beyond parents, teachers, administrators, counselors ect. It is how our country is now and the economic struggles that this country is going through. Unless the government can help the people to a point where it gives the parents the time and resources to be there for our children,this generation is doomed to fail and our children will be even further behind than they already are.


So your point is that it's the government's job to help you be a good parent? Good lord! Why did you even have children, if you're not ready to work all day long and still be there for them?

I'm glad that I'm old and won't be around much longer. The country that I love is being taken over by irresponsible idiots who believe that it's totally acceptable to produce children they can't afford, because their neighbors will be forced to chip in to help.

Mr. Chase

to play the Devil's Advocate.

What excuse is there for a Parent who lives off entitlements with no job to use up their time?

How does a Mother have children and no two have the same Father?

How does a Father not want to participate in the child's life?

Then do something for the ones that know things

Seems to me that the only benefit to mainstreaming the poor performers is to those that want to dumb down our students. Teaching to the lowest common denominator in the room guarantees we will end up with mediocre students at best and a school full of "Johnny can't reads" at worst.

It is time to reinstitute ability grouping (tracking) again and produce some useful graduates. Let those slow ones move at their own pace without degrading education for everyone else!

The ones who know things

I'm in agreement with Mickey G. Let the slower learners have thier own classrooms, and let the overachievers move on. It's crazy to keep an entire population at the same level. You are doing the better students a disservice.

The problem.....

is that so many parents expect the teacher to be a substitute for them. How dare anyone expect the parent to actually be a parent....

The teachers should have to teach the curriculum. They should be tested regularly to make sure they stay "up" and be paid a hell of a lot more. I'll teach my kids right from wrong and how to tie their shoes, wipe their....whatever and shut their yappers when it's time to listen and learn. It's not your job and I for one am sorry you have that burden in so many cases.

Parents.... do your JOBS so the teaches can spend more time doing theirs!

"Sesame Street crappola" - Common

Good one... +1