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Couple had more than $12,000 disappear from their account

READ MORE: Money disappears from couples bank account
People have seen plenty of money vanish from their stock portfolio in recent months. One local couple said they have seen thousands of dollars disappear from their bank account, and it had nothing to do with the downturn in the market. Imagine going to an ATM, or trying to buy groceries at the store, and finding that your bank account has more than $12,000 missing. Debie Rose doesn’t have to imagine. “My husband goes to the grocery store and he comes back and says my card has been denied,” said Debie. Rose said she had more than $12,000 in the account just days earlier. The Rose’s contacted their local Bank of America, who put them in touch with the fraud division. “She said no problem, we'll get your money back to you and get this investigated,” added Debie. The Rose’s said they were told the transactions were fraudulent and their money would be returned on at least 2 more occasions. But 9 weeks, several phone calls, and a letter to the CEO later – and still no money has been returned. “We're not rich people, the economy's bad now, and it's been hard,” she said. A Bank of America representative told us they discussed the charges with the Rose’s and there were no complaints, and no fraud charges were ever filed. The Rose’s deny ever discussing charges with the customer representative. They feel now all they can do is check their accounts for the money regularly. As for their future with the bank? William Rose said, “On the day that this is resolved and the money gets back into Bank of America, I personally am going to the branch bank and withdraw every penny of my money.” Bank of America offered to review the situation with the Rose’s again, but they said at this point they have no indication of fraud with the account.

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Also notice change in BOA

I have banked with BOA for over ten years, back when they were Nations Bank. I never really had any complaints, and, just last year, when someone stole my atm/visa card number, they handled it quickly an professionally. Other than not telling me WHO took the number (they ordered shoes and clothes online to their home), they refunded the $1000+ transactions and offered to monitor my account. With that said, I did make a deposit today for $3000. Normally they give a credit to the account for a partial amount. I noticed, not this time. Looking at my balance, this transaction never occured. But online, it states my balance is $3000+ what was already there. All of a sudden, a usual deposit (bi-weekly), has gotten no credit. It did get my attention, and after reading this, will have me heading back to BOA in the morning. I know lots of banks are having financial trouble, but, not on my dollar......

BOA acts crazy.

I had my friend who had lost about $5000 from his account. When he spoke to the fraud department they disabled his external transfer (they think the fraud was caused because of this.) When I called the online department to disable my outgoing transfer they say that their software does not support this. This is bizare. I had my friend disabled his account but it was not available for me. I had called the online banking and then was on phone with Fraud department. 1) Looks like in BOA right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. I am very close to shutting this account.

BOA has recently put a 10 plus day hold on a $15k+ check which h

BOA has recently put a 10 plus day hold on a $15k+ check which has likely cleared from Wells Fargo. A new tactic this month, as last month the exact scenario minus ~$1k did not result in a hold. In this day and time a bank of BOA’s size knows immediately the disposition of a check. Their hold is clearly to make money on our money and inconvenience. We are now looking for a more small business friendly bank in the Wilmington, NC area if anyone has any suggestions?


Try Cooperative Bank.

b of a

I have my checking account with b of a. about 2 years ago someone got my account number and took around 900.00 out of my account mind you i only had around 450.00 in it. i contacted the bank fraud dept. i was told to file a police report and fill out some paper work. i followed all of the steps and made copies of everything that they wanted then sent them by fax from the bank. i also had the bank give me the confirmations from when they faxed them. some times you have to treat them like children and follow up at every turn. i got my money back. unfortuantly you cant let them say that they will take care of it and beleive. no matter what they tell you. stay on their butts. that is your money not theirs.

How this happened...

Thank you all for your comments, but here is the story. The large amount of money was in our savings account which was linked to our checking account for overdraft purposes. We were told by BOA that the fraudulent transactions were done through an online website that I had an account with. We were first told by a BOA employee it was an employee with this particular website that had gotten a hold of my account number and made a series of unauthorized transactions, then when I spoke with the fraud department again at BOA about a week later I was told it was someone that had hacked into this website and stole my account number and made the transactions. At any rate, Bank of America promises to replace your money within one business day if there is fraud against your account (this is even stated in their commercials). We found the money missing; BOA never informed us of any suspicious activity within our account. The ONE BOA employee that spoke with WWAY NEVER went over our fraudulent transactions with me or my husband, their statement is a lie. The BOA employee that stated fraud was not reported is trying to cover their butt. If a fraud was not reported how did BOA become informed of these transactions? As my husband stated we are definitely going to another bank. Another thing, BOA has had ample opportunity to contact us and take care of this, it is funny that when they found out that WWAY was going to do the story, they contacted us the very same day & then wanted to talk about it. At that point, I was fed up with BOA & will now let my attorney talk to them.

How this happened

WoW! I'm so thankful for the information on what happened. Now any considerations I had of doing business with BOA is canceled. The same thing could happen to any of us who deals with BOA. They are responsible for taking care of your problem. And I for one believe in what the good book says, "you shall reap what you sew". If people do you wrong and refuse to do right by you then at some time in their lives the same will happen to them. What goes around will come around again. They could loose a lot of business behind this and have to shut that branch down. Who knows? There are a lot of people who read the news. And I'm sure they all have read your article. I hope and pray that you get all of your money back. It was yours and you have a right to it. No one should take what is not theirs. People work hard for their money. And in todays economy we need it to survive. BOA should show some remorse and do the right thing. Give them their money back! The media has put the eyes of America on you. Do the right thing. Give it back.


BOA has been nothing but great for me. All you have to do is be nice and professional and have a good working relationship with the tellers and they will pretty much do anything for you. I'm guessing that one of these people know where the money is. BOA is very active in following up on complaints. You don't get to be as big and successful as they are without offering great customer service. In reality, you have a few bad associates with any business, but I'm guessing that isn't the case with this issue. In a few days, WWAY will correct the story with an article about how one of them lost $12,000 gambling or something.

Unfortunately customers get

Unfortunately customers get to run their mouths but banks and their employees have an obligation to keep these things private for the customers sake, so they just get to sit back and take it. You will never know how they lost their money if they LOST it all on their own. The burden of proof is always on the accuser, if they want their money they can't just stand by and wait for BOA to respond to them. Like it was said before if it is your money you need to be more active and make sure the right thing is done, you can rely on the bank to just magically put money in your account if you don't follow through.


10 weeks ago, I was singing praises about BOA also, in fact, we still think highly of the BOA employees at our local bank. It was stated in our interview, that the corporate personnel of BOA should come down to our local branch and take classes in customer services, but I guess for time purposes that this part of the interview was edited. I have nothing but the highest praises for the employees of our local branch, they have bent over backwards to help us get this resolved. As far as the money being gambled away, or removed by us, it didn't happen. The bank keeps excellent records & have the exact date, time down to the second when these transactions occured. We were told by the fraud department that the transactions had been traced to a corporation in California that already had our account number due to the fact we have an account there and authorize $8.95 per month via auto draft, this is a far cry from the $12,000 that is missing. I have asked BOA for a copy of the report that they conducted, but was told by a BOA fraud Dept. employee, that it is against their policy to give out that information. I have filled out a complaint with the FBI for bank fraud, I can assure everyone, had my wife or myself had anything to do with this money missing, I would never have involved the FBI, due to the fact that if they discover we have filled out a false report, then we are subject to prosecution for filling a false report. This entire thing has been a major nightmare for both myself and my wife and I do not wish these type of problems for anyone. Keep watching, soon you will read a follow up where BOA has returned our money and an arrest has been made in the case. Until that time, please keep an open mind about the complaint.

It is your responsibility to

It is your responsibility to make sure that you are dealing with reputable businesses when you are setting up any kind of payment were any type of entry can be accessed through your account. When you opened your account you were likely given disclosures (they are required) that explain what your rights and responsibilies are re: electronic fund transfers. Basically it is your responsibility to monitor your own account and report inappropriate activity. ASK for the appropriate forms and fill them out. Your disclosures will likely tell you that you have to report this sort of thing in writing. Calling them from your couch is not going to get the job done. The FBI will likely tell you NOTHING. They have much better things to do with their time than worry about your ignorance in the banking system.

Demand Draft

With your bank account number, anyone can go to a web site and issue a demand draft against your account. The bank will give them your money. It's not fraud to the banks - it's how demand drafts work. How can someone get your bank account number? It's on the bottom of your check! Your bank account is no longer a safe place for your money.

A few years ago, somone

A few years ago, somone stole my wallet, went crazy with my ATM card, I filed a police report and went to the bank to report it, and within a week, I had all of my money back, and the bank said it was up to the stores to prosecute and take the loss if they could not find the people as you are required by law to ask for a picture id if someone presents a credit or debit card to you at your business. If you don't require the id and the card is stolen, then the loss is on the business. I had not realized my card was gone and when the thieves hit the seventh stop in about two hours, the card processors denied the card and instructed the store to pull it. There is no way that someone pulled $12,000 out of this bank account at atm machines without one of them eating the card over a three or four day period. You simply cannot withdraw that much in that short of time. If someone got the money, they would have had to go in the bank and present id, or else if they had the card, they purchased something that cost that much, and no business in their right mind would accept a card for that amount without id. Something does not sound right, but the FDIC might get involved if the bank will not do anything. I wonder if this was a checking account? The bank should have been advising them to put a chunk of this into a savings account to draw interest.


WHAT? BOA sold out a few weeks ago, forced selling. I would sit in front of one their branches here and eat hotdogs off of a grill in front of their doors and encourage all the frequenters to withdrawal all their money. $12,000 was probably more money than anyone else had in the whole bank's customers. SOunds like y'all were the "gold mine" the lower end economy was looking for. I would look for an inside employee thinking you could afford losing and SHARING that kind of money. "Things can't be that tough if you have that much money in the bank". Spread the wealth. I hate to see this, but WOW, sounds like a mattress was a better hiding place for THAT kind of available cash.

I don't know what happened

I don't know what happened here, but I can say that BoA is one of the worst places to keep your money. They have a horrible reputation for bad service and often act like bullies when you have an issue. I stopped doing business with them a long time ago. A local bank or credit union is the best way to go, in my opinion.


have been NOTHING but happy with BOA. Been with them for 12 years now. Have a mortgage, CC, bank account, savings and money market... The issue is..there ISN'T A BANK IN THIS COUNTRY that hasn't or doesn't make mistakes like this on a DAILY basis. If you think banks are need to wake up from Neverland. As far as local banks are THIS better stick with the big boys!

I work for a "little" bank

I work for a "little" bank and we are pretty well capitalized, we strive to serve our customers with great service. We know that we are working with other peoples money and how important it is to be responsible with it. WE have not had to ask for any kind of bail out or aid from any type of government fund at all. Business is great and our customers are happy. YOu are right, no one or bank is perfect, but atleast we can strive for it.