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Couple trying to start boxing gym for kids

READ MORE: Couple trying to start boxing gym for kids

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Boxing trainer Sherriedale Morgan was posthumously inducted into the Greater Wilmington Sports Hall of Fame earlier this month. Morgan used to run the City of Wilmington's boxing program. He eventually turned the reigns of the city program over to Andre Thompson, but the city dropped the boxing program in 2007 due to budget restraints.

Thompson currently trains boxers at a gym in Wrightsville Beach, but there's still a need for a self-contained boxing facility. Now there's a husband-wife combo trying to fill the gap, but their attempt is stuck in neutral. The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office donated boxing equipment and a boxing ring to Lindale Beatty and his wife two years ago.

"We're just sitting here waiting," Beatty said. "We're stagnated right now. We're stuck. Everything that's in this gym came out of me and my wife's pocket and the help of the Sheriff's Department."

Beatty and his wife are stuck because they need more money to meet ordinances required to open their House of Champions gym in New Hanover County. There's a small punch list of items that must be built, including a handicap-accessible ramp and a handicap-accessible restroom, all of which requires money or in-kind donations.

"What we really need to get the gym open is about $15,000," Beatty said. "That would cover liability insurance and everything that we would need to get our doors open."

For Lindale and April Beatty it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when the House of Champions opens.

"Hopefully we can get some kids in here to show them that boxing is not just about fighting," April Beatty said. "Boxing opens a whole new world for the youth. USA Amateur Boxing tends to give a child an identity."

Coincidentally the Port City Boxing Club will host the North Carolina Boxing State Championships this weekend at the National Guard Armory on Carolina Beach Road.

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Ahhh very nice

The Sheriffs Department donating equipment for BOXING? Honestly? It's an idiotic ...and I say this! Two people beating the crap out of each other?

WilmingtonMAJ, your ignorance shows again....

...and the more you post, the better you show it!!! Boxing has been around for eons. It is a sport of extreme discipline, superior conditioning and of commitment. Boxing is also an World participating Olympic event and is recognized as a major sport WORLDWIDE.
A local boxing community will do a lot to keep kids interested in something substantial, something to work for and a hobby to pursue. It will help keep them away from drugs, gangs and violence. It will give them another group activity to look forward to with friends afterschool. It builds sportsmanship, HONOR and personal strength. You must not know much about these attributes to cackle so loudly and so quickly.

Perhaps consider the boys that form two lines and run head-on into each other at full bore trying to jostle a pointy ended, bouncy ball. Or maybe the 7 foot guys that poke each others eyes out with thier elbows trying to put a round ball through a silly hoop?

Sorry, but real men enjoy real sports with real competition. Not all of us were cut out to be "Curling" or "Badmitton" champions such as yourself, that require SO MUCH work.....Geeeez, some people just can't let go of mamma...some people shouldn't.


I'm fairly sure your own ignorance has shown again as well then. You know very little about me or my habits. My own sports interests include baseball, scuba diving, rock climbing, marathons, just to name a few. I was merely expressing MY opinion that two people fighting does not qualify as a sport in my book. I am well aware of it's acceptance in popular culture and the Olympics, etc... But then I'm sure you are a huge fan of the WWF, MMMA and other such violent sports. I just don't see the need and couldn't care less about two idiots beating each other to a pulp. They are more than free to do it. One fewer idiot in the gene pool in my opinion.

boxing gym

Boxing takes more mental and physical dexterity than you can imagine. Following up on the previous comment. The discipline and commitment it takes to box is amazing. And it does give kids another avenue to persue instead of gangs and drugs or violence.
It is not just "two idiots" beating each other. The avenue here is to not teach kids to hurt one another. But, to repsect one another. But, as we can see in your rebuttles, that is a something that you lack an understanding in.
Where as, submerging oneself underwater with an oxygen tank attached to their back is not considered a sport in my book.