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Crack offenders can ask for reduced sentences

Prisoners serving time for crack cocaine crimes can now ask for reduced sentences. The US Sentencing Commission retroactively lowered punishment to narrow differences in penalties for crack versus powder cocaine. That means about 800 inmates convicted in western North Carolina can petition the courts for early release. Inmates could have 13 to 16 months knocked off their sentence, but a judge can deny petitions, based on their criminal history or behavior.

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THis is great

So crack offenders can get a nice reduction in penalty and myself having pled guilty to having a small amount of pot in my car SEVEN years ago, and since then gone on to serve proudly in the military can't qualify to get a job with a Wal-Mart, Food Lion, get an apartment and denied certain credit services. That's awesome. Thanks for the support.


You don't want to work at Wal-mart anyway. I do not understand why you would have a problem getting employed there. I guess they think their employees are drug free etc. LOL right.....Try not mentioning the bust, they wont check anyway. I worked there for 3 years and saw many people high on the job, smoking pot in the meat coolers, on breaks etc. Lady that i knew was told by one of the co-managers to stay off pot just long enough so she could pass her drug test and get hired, she did and was stoned everyday she worked. She was a good worker but talked too much. The managers at Wal-mart have their heads up their butts. I was injured on the job and rushed to the doctor by a co-manager, BEFORE they checked my injury i had to do a urine test to make sure i was not on drugs. I thought it was so nice that they had a manager drive me to the Doctor only to realize it was so she could make sure i got drug tested. Great company looking out for their own right? Thanks for serving in our military, too bad the general public looks at your pot bust before they look at that. Typical.

Crack heads reduced sentence

I COMPLETELY agree . Where's the justice in that?????