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Crash Kills Young Marine

A fatal motorcycle crash has claimed the life of a young marine. Nineteen year-old Zachary Stein was riding along Long Beach road in Oak Island yesterday morning when he collided with a car trying to make a left turn. Stein was airlifted to New Hanover Regional Medical Center where he died. The state trooper who investigated the scene said Stein was wearing the proper protective gear and was not speeding. The driver of the car he hit is being charged with a misdemeanor.

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old friend

i just heard a little while back that zach had died. me and him had lost touch about mid high school but before that me and him hung out nearly everyday during the summers. just had to see what happened. im not gonna forget you any time soon man. rest in peace


I knew Zach, and when I learned that he died made me pretty upset. I grew up with him! and he was my neighbor! I feel so bad, I knew his mother too and I know for a fact she must be going through hell right now. She loved him sooo much! It just ashame knowing he is truly gone =( -Erika Hottinger

pay attion to the RD

I am so sorry i hear young man life was taken from this big mistake I dont ride a bike for the reason is this you know we have to use a seat belt in a car to hold us in there no way any one on a bike has a chance they dont on a bike I had drunk driver hit me in a full size truck that broke my neck and I was in a seat belt

It's safer to be on top of

It's safer to be on top of your bike if it goes into a slide that being stuck to the seat by some belt. The fatality rate would probably doulbe for motorcycle riders if they came up with some sort of seatbelt for bikes

This Was Mi Cousin right

This Was Mi Cousin right here. Zach I miss you soooo much. you never deserved this. You had sooo much in life going for you. You will be missed by all very much hunny. I Just wish i could of had the chance to say good bye. He Was my all time favorite cousin too. I Love Youu Soooo Much Zach! R.I.P Cuz<33333 Can't Wait To Be There With You<333

After 6 heavy months a

After 6 heavy months a little freedom showed at the end of the tunnel . I guess nobody thought that first full freedom is the last. Love you my sons !! I would pray for all of you. I’m sure Zachary would be with you everywhere.

my friend

hope to see you again some day! hope your gonna be watching out for me and mchone when we go to afghanistan! you are our guardian angel! see you again someday...... pfc moore take life in the moment for at any moment it could be taken from you!

Pay attention!!

Pay attention folks, motorcycles are everywhere! This is the second killing (third person to die) in under a one month time due to a car turning in front of a motorcycle. We ride (by state law) with our headlight on ALL THE TIME to make it easier for you to see us. Put down the phone, stop putting on makeup or trying to read the newspaper and drive.

Motorcycle Accident

I agree with you regarding drivers not being alert. We ride motorcycles and abide by state laws with headlights on, signals whether mechanical or hand and automobile drives just do not pay attention to us. Several motorcyclist have been killed in the last couple of weeks some to no fault of their own. PLEASE MOTORIST, watch out for us and do not take any changes, you could save a life of a Mother, Father, child, friend ******

Reply to the Motorcyclists

To you all who are responding with how responsible you are..... I have to respectfully disagree. This is an issue I have had for a while now and must respond based on these postings. MOST Motorcyclists I encounter on the roads DO NOT obey traffic laws and other drivers. They are the ones weaving in and out and I can not begin to count the number of those that I see who drive between lanes at lights. I am so sorry for the loss of this young man. But please get off your high horses... I can honestly say not a day goes by where I don't encounter someone on a motorcycle who is NOT being a considerate driver and mutter to myself that is why there are so many accidents! And by the way- I am usually in my car with a 2 year old so I am not putting on makeup or whatever else you want to blame on me.

would guess

I would guess you are then busy yapping on the phone, looking at the paper or occupied with picking up the toy your screaming 2yr old dropped or some other mind wandering task other than driving. Didn't you pull out right in front of me today?

There are a lot of

There are a lot of motorcyclists that do not pay attention. I see them all the time, even when I am riding my motorcycle. They are usually on crotch rockets and cruiser bikes....but the facts still show that most motorcycle wrecks are caused by 4-wheeled vehicles. People on bikes need to realize that other motorists aren't paying attention and we need to pay attention more.

Couldn't have said it

Couldn't have said it better....PAY ATTENTION!!!