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Creators of Lauterbach memorial threatened

Military officials are investigating two Marines after death threats were posted on the web site dedicated to slain Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach. The Jacksonville Daily News reported yesterday that Lance Corporal Ron Parikh posted a message on Lauterbach's MySpace memorial page telling its creators to "shut up or get cut up." Parikh is 20 years, old according to his MySpace page, and stationed in California. His MySpace page also contains images of people kissing while apparently trying to kill one another and a Marine martial arts YouTube video. Newschannel three could not find the threats on Lauterbach's memorial page. But other users had responded to the threats. One user wrote: "It's good that you're keeping this page up... It's one of him and all of us... I don't see how someone could say those things." The Jacksonville paper reported that Lance Cpl. Jonathan Cole of Camp Lejuene is also under investigation for comments he made on the internet. The base's spokesmen could not be reached for comment today.

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I agree with the fact that the Myspace is not a secure site, nor is anyones home computer, for hackers.I can attest to this personally, as my own computer has been hacked and threats ;or insults sent to personal contacts, so lets all let the proper authorities do their jobs and confirm or deny with factual evidence. If we are to survive in society, people need to be less inclined to jump on band wagons and conclusions.As on other news sites, people tend to put too much effort into bashing each other with personal remarks;feelings. I have noticed that many of them have a drowning hoplessness, that they push onto others and it is very sickening and childish. Why can't we all try to stick to the story and put the facts before personal resentment.Seems to me that people everywhere are crying for help, and we on here are not phsycologists, so if those who attack need that kind of help, they should seek it from the professionals and leave the rest of us uninvolved in trying to solve their problems.

Comments on Web site trigger probe

Link February 14, 2008 Comments on Web site trigger probe Colin Atagi The Desert Sun A Twentynine Palms Marine may not be responsible for threats that appeared on a Web site honoring another Marine whose death made national headlines, an official said Wednesday. Investigators believe Lance Cpl. Ron Parikh had nothing to do with online threats that appeared on the MySpace memorial page dedicated to Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach and that someone else posted the threats using his name and photo without Parikh's knowledge. "The investigation is not necessarily in regards to the Marine, but regarding circumstances revolving around the message," said Capt. Neal Fisher, a spokesman for the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, in Twentynine Palms, where Parikh is stationed. "The indications are he may not have been the one to post it." The threats were made on a site dedicated to Lauterbach, the pregnant Marine whose burnt body, along with the remains of her fetus, was found last month in a Jacksonville, N.C. backyard. The memorial site contained goodbye messages to Lauterbach and condolences to her family. However, one post under Parikh's name told people to "shut up or get cut up," officials said. Fisher added there was also "some juvenile cursing." The incident has been under investigation for about a week and Parikh's computer has been examined. Parikh, an administrative clerk, has been stationed at Twentynine Palms for about two years and remains on active duty. "He's not under arrest or confined to quarters," Fisher said. "This is an allegation toward him that he's denied." Fisher could not confirm a second person was being investigated. Officials said whomever is responsible may be charged with making threats, committing a hate crime and defamation of character.


Everyone has been so quick to turn on these 3 Marines that SUPPOSED posted these comments. Has ANYONE stopped to think that it wasn't them? How often does MYSPACE accounts get hacked into? The facts are: 1. Yes these posted were made UNDER THE MYSPACE ACCOUNTS OF THESE 3 MARINES. 2. Yes these Marines were questioned and RELEASED due to more indebt facts that REALESED to the public at this time. 3. These 3 Marines have been slandered due to the public jumping at what the posts states. Yes what was posted is HORRIBLE however who did it? I would bet money on it that there is MORE to this WHOLE story then anyone here thinks they know. There are WAYS of the FBI and NCIS finding out IF these is indeed what happened. There is always a way of tracing everyone on there internet. If these Marines have NOT been charged and in fact release from holding has it entered anyone's head that you are bashing possible innocent Marines that fight for your freedom? This has made me sick to think that these 3 people are going through this without anyone's support and speaking out on their behalf Cole Parikh Knight. All I am wanting from this post is to RAISE the awareness that the INVESTIGATION in on going. You will feel horrible in the end if the person fighting for your freedom is the victim in this. I pray for all of you that have bashed these Marines without any facts. People have speculated that they knew this guy Lauren someone even stated the race of Parikh and other incorrect statements. Infact I know for a fact that Parikh does not know him and is not a relative or even Mexican. I pray for these 3 men that they get through this and pray that the person WHO really posted those statements is caught and charged.

What proof do you have?

You sound like you know these individuals personally and know for a fact they aren't the ones that posted those comments. What proof do you have that these 3 "men" are not guilty???

slain Marine

Ignorant people must NOT have ANY regard for human life. It takes (9) nine months to make us so that we can walk this earth life to proove ourselves worthy to be called decent human beings. While the military are trained to defend that life, and liberty, too many civilian and military have taken a real questionable attitude toward life. Isn't that like the middle east where they attach bombs to individuals who have no chance to survive or live out their own life here on earth??? Let the torture for those who think life is so cheap be as long lasting dailey at least for (9) months straight. What low-life it is that is thinking about such murderous acts and NOT the prevention of cruelty, only the fact that someone might get caught????????????? True it is the job of military personnel to do battle if need be, but everyone should be ready to protect, not harm. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!