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Body found in Lake Waccamaw, crews search for third teen

READ MORE: Crews search Lake Waccamaw for missing teens
Search crews in Lake Waccamaw are still trying to find the body of a second teen who fell into the 47-degree water two days ago. It's a painstaking process. Three East Columbus High School teens were in a paddle boat Wednesday when it tipped because of high winds and rough water. Friday search crews continued to look for the body of William mills. Lake Waccamaw Fire Chief Eddy Morgan says Mills and another teen, Glen Marvin, started swimming in the wrong direction when the boat capsized. The only survivor of the accident, Scott Collins, tried to tell his friends they were going the wrong way, and that they should make buoys out of their clothing. Marvin's body was found Thursday around noon, near where the paddle boat flipped over. Friday crews brought cadaver dogs out on the lake to help search, the weather compared to yesterday also made searching a bit easier. Morgan said, "The weather has helped a lot, the buoys stay in one place instead of moving, it's clearer, they've been able to see a lot more from the air as well." Morgan thinks mills body may be in the same area where Marvin's body was found, which was about a mile from shore, because the two boys were most likely trying to swim in together. Morgan said search teams will continue looking for mills until he is found. All three boys attended East Columbus High School. The sole survivor, Scott Collins was back in class Friday. But as you might imagine, he's going through a tough time.

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Donations for Family

Hi. The family of William Mills will be accepting Donations at any BB&T location as of Monday afternoon. This will go towards funeral expenses. Thank you so much for everything, we are grateful for your help and prayers.

Standing up for a higher POWER:

Our God does thing's some time's that is painful, But I'll defend My God by saying that everything happen's for a reason. It's also God's way of balancing the scale's of life. If everyone lived from tragedies, then where would we all live? People already complain all the time that price's of most thing's are to High, ( housing, fuel, and food, ect.) Could you imagine if there was no process of balance? I for one believe that there is a higher power. However, I'm not saying that I don't have any concern for what has happened to these families, my heart goes out to them for their tragic lost. I myself, lost a brother when he was only 12 year's old. I still miss and think of him today. However, I believe in my heart that God had a better plan for him and one day when I pass away I truly believe in my heart that I will see him again. It's these belief's that make us strong and keep's us going on, fighting for our own lives and trying to survive in a corupt world that is full of hatred, war's, natural disaster's, and yes, even tragedies.


There is a balance. It is called natural selection. It happens everyday in the wild. Don't even try and say god has a role in animals in the wild dying either, remember christians don't believe animals have souls

to blah

hey i dont appreciate that god does do things for a reason, those boys are parents children and for you to say something like that does not help at all, how would you feel if your child died, and someone said the same thing to you, huH? THINK ABOUT THAT!1

Sorry for your lose

My heart, prayers, and deepest sympathy go out to the Clayter-Marvin family and to the Mills family. May God be with you and comfort you through your time of sorrow. To the young man that survived I would like to say that my heart and prayers are with you through your time of grief also. I know that it may not seem like it now, but everything happens for a reason and sometimes we may not always know the answers. I am really upset at the way that some people are argueing and fussing about beliefs and what may or may not have caused this tragic accident. These families need all the support that they will be able to find through this time. Argueing about things will not and is not going to make the events that took place go away. Also no matter what was taking place (drinking or otherwise) it is not going to change the outcome of what has happened. Although I would like to add that I feel that this young men just made a mistake and who are we to point figures or judge them in any way. I think sometimes we all get so caught up on what was going on that we sometimes forget what actually has happened. What has happened here is that there are 2 families that are having to lay to rest two young men that they loved with all their hearts, and another young man that is now left to wonder why he was the lucky one. I am from the area where this took place and I believe that people can come together and help all that are involved in this situation. No matter what their beliefs are and no matter what they think may or may not caused this. I can only hope that somehow these families will find a way to get through there pain and suffering and that the friends of these young boys will find away to help them get through this tragic time. My prayers are with you all and may GOB Bless and Keep you all.

Will Mills' body was found

Will Mills' body was found in the lake this afternoon with the help of sonar equipment. Some closure for the family, but so sad. Our prayers are with all of the families involved in this tragedy.


I just wanted to say how deeply I am very sorry for the lose for the families. but, wanted to say a special thanks to the rescue people that voluteer there time from their lifes full time jobs etc. For the business that gave food and heat for them all. Please kids think twice before going out for fun. Think of the ones that will look for you and the ones that will never see you again.

Waccamaw Deaths

The body of William Mills was found today around 1pm. He was about 40 feet from Glen.

The body of William Mills

The body of William Mills was found today around 1pm. He was about 40 feet from Glen.

I'm so sorry.

Ricky and Sonya; I'm sorry for your loss, Glen. Our thoughts and prayers go out to both the Marvin and the Mills family. We love you all dearly. We hope that you find Will. May God's peace and comfort be with all of you.

I'm so sorry!

Ricky, Sonya, Austin, and Grandparents, I am sorry for your loss of Glen. I will keep u in my prayers. The Lord will seee u through no matter how hard it seems He has all power and is in control. We don't understand but he does and this was his plan. All things happen for a reason even if we don't see it. U will get through this. Remember we love all of u, and will keep u in our thoughts and prayers. To the Mills family u r with us as well,and hope Will is found soon We love u..................

Sorry for your loss

I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to the family's and the whole community where these young men lives .I hope that the William Mills is found safe and that he will be home soon. To Scott's family I'm so glad to see that your son made it home safe. I will keep you all in my prayers.God Bless You All. Kim Lewis, Bolivia, N.C.

My prayers are with these

My prayers are with these familes in their time of loss and tragedy.

Sorry for the loss

I live at lake waccamaw and know the family very well i will keep them in my hearts and in my prayers as for the people that are fighting this is not the time or the place to be doing it

I agree about the bickering.

I agree about the bickering. My prayers are with the families.

I live at lake waccamaw and

I live at lake waccamaw and knowing the clayter-marvin family and where this tragedy took place brings tears to my eyes. I do not know them personally but keep your hearts open and even though they are not with you they will forever live in your heart! I will keep all three of the families in my prayers and in my hearts.


Sonya, I am so sorry to hear about this. You will be in my prayers. As for the other comments about God. This is is not the time or the place for bickering.


Sorry about the lost if i could i would be looking. i will keep the boys in my prayer. I hope the parents of the missing child will find him i really dont know him but i go to east columbus and i see him around sometimes. But anyways i hope you find him. And for the parents child that has past away i am sorry. Keep your head up. His spirt is gone but he will always be with you in your hearts.

How often is this info updated?

I live close to the lake but haven't heard any new updates on the situation today. I know it is very cold out for the volunteers helping. I am sending positive thoughts their way and thinking of the families and loved ones.

I am sorry for the loss of

I am sorry for the loss of these families but the ONLY way to get through this is to have a relationship with God and rely on him to help you through this tragedy because everything happens for a reason. The reason some of these comments are so bitter is because these people haven't accepted God and are not happy themselves and want noone else to be happy. It is so sad to know that people are like this. These families are in a depressing state right now and negative terms are not the way to deal with this matter.

There will always be some

There will always be some type of tragedy in everyone's life. God will give you strength and guidance you need to get through it if you ask him too. A message to Sad, maybe you should consider prayer to help guide you through whatever has caused you to lose your belief, if you ever had belief. May God Bless all the families who were involved in the tragedy at Lake Waccamaw. Our prayers are with you, and you to Sad. God Bless

gods mercy?????

Wow, if your god was involved in this in any way, then you have a very ill spirited god. Why do people always say god will get you through this? He obviously wasn't there when the 3 boys needed them. I feel very bad for the families of the boys who didn't make it. This is a horrible tragedy, but please, don't think for a minute that god is going to make it any better or less painful.

Please understand that same

Please understand that same God that you have disregarded is the same one who made the sun rise this morning and gave all of us the gift of life. Life is a cycle, no one knows what these young men may have faced in the future or what obstacles they might have encountered. GOD does everything for a reason, it's not supposed to make sense right now but it all serves a purpose. Please be sensitive to these families and their loved ones. Lake Waccamaw is a very small area and when you have been raised there, born there, and lived there you have the morals and a kindred spirit and compassion for everyone. Let's stay focused on the families and keeping them in mind.

Sound like you need a good

Sound like you need a good dose of JESUS!!!! Don't be so critical of others comments in this time of tragedy. Maybe if you have noting better to say go post some comments on a Brittany Spears blog. Try Jeus, he is great!!!!

boys drowning

No one here needs a good dose of Jesus. Living in the bible thumping south we get enough. The boys drowning is a sad tragedy and i feel for the loses of the families. Kids will act like kids and no matter how much we tell them to be careful their minds are not mature enough to resist the silliness that comes from being a kid. I am glad that the one boy made it and hope he can recover from the shock of losing his friends. I agree that if there were a god he wouldn't have let this happen nor all the other horrible tragedies that are occurring all over this planet. We are our own gods so save yourselves.




From your book: “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.” - Matthew 7:1-5 What Jesus was saying here is that others will judge us by the same standard we judge them so, DON’T BE A HYPOCRITE!



Cindy, So if god knew about

Cindy, So if god knew about this tragedy to be long before we did, then he is a sadistic child killer. Why do you worship him again?

It is how some people cope,

It is how some people cope, "Sad". Even as an atheist I recognize that, and wouldn't presume to berate someone for their religious beliefs in a case like this. Get over yourself, and let people come to terms with this tragedy their way.