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Crisis Station in Wilmington can no longer accept patients

READ MORE: Crisis Station in Wilmington can no longer accept patients
The Crisis Station in Wilmington is no longer able to accept new patients. The Department of Health and Human Services slapped the clinic with hefty fines for a variety of serious charges. The Crisis Station is a clinic for patients with substance abuse problems and mental health issues. After a recent complaint, DHHS launched an investigation, and found the clinic was violating clients' rights. A 60 page document outlines the findings of a DHHS investigation of Wilmington's Crisis Station. The clinic faces $12,000 in fines for violating a state statute regarding the harm, abuse or neglect of patients. The crisis station has 20 days to appeal and must submit a plan of correction, which is something deputy director, Susan Hanson, said she's already working on. Hanson would not go on camera but confirmed receipt of the report and said the clinic is going to appeal the fines. The assessment is based on staff interviews and record reviews. One case assessment says a patient entering the Crisis Station for detox smuggled drugs into the clinic. The medical examiner confirmed she died of pneumonia, but the investigation revealed that prior to her death, her vital signs were not being checked by clinic personnel as required. In another case, a psychiatrist said he was too overwhelmed to give basic medical care to an alcohol detox patient, or to check on that patient's lab results. A health inspector with the Department of Health and Human Services said this penalty is only given to health care facilities that are believed to be able to correct the problems. The issue now becomes where do all new patients who would ordinarily go to Crisis Station, go now for health care? The director of DHHS said it could be problematic because that's where the agency refers people in need of medical attention.

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Crisis Beds

I thought the county and state were better able to run services than private providers? What a joke, This reminds me of when all services including case management were ran by the county, same problems, different time. How in the world can DHHS and Southeastern be remotely critical of any private mental health provider when they can't get their own act together.

why is always the clinics

why is always the clinics problem when something goes wrong. When or what will it take to have people reponsible for their own actions in life.

We never will

Never.....I don't know what happened to this society, but we no longer blame the people that are responsible. We always find fault in someone else. It's pretty disgusting

Where do they go?

What do you mean where do they go? They go to the Emergency Room. 95% of all Crisis Station patients end up at New Hanover. Then when someone has a real medical emergency they have to wait in the lobby because the drunken bum or the druggy is taking up a bed. They don't do nothing at Crisis. What they need to do is have the Sheriff run more trips to to Cherry, that way they will clear out half of the Emergency Room and lobby for real sick folk.


If the Crisis Station does not accept patients as was normal practice when I took people over there, how did this person who obviously needed to be medically cleared even get past the gustapo nurse. I have had them turn people who were voluntarily asking for help away because they had a headache. They were told to go to the ER to be medically cleared. I hope the investigation went further that this and can correct the problems at that building. As far as people who would normally go to Crisis, head to the ER. Same results just different building.