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Crowd fills NHC School Board meeting, concerned over redistricting

An overflow crowd at Tuesday night's New Hanover County School Board meeting had plenty to say about middle school redistricting. At the center of the crowd that spilled out into the hallway, Ogden parents who don't want their children bussed to the Holly Shelter Middle School when it opens in 2010. Ogden resident Tim Davis wants the board to consider more neighborhood school options with new replacement maps. “I'm not sure if the board will actually go with the people here and re-do the maps so that schools will represent neighborhood schools,” Davis said. “That's my biggest concern right now. We're all taxpayers and our voice should be heard.” Three re-districting forums are scheduled to be held this month in New Hanover County. The first will be Tuesday at Myrtle Grove Middle School at 7:00 p.m.

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Middle School Redistricting

There is no way my child will be attending school at Holly Shelter Middle School - a school that was knowingly built on contaminated land. Land that was considered undevelopable as early as 2002. Research this parents, you will be OUTRAGED how criminal our public officials are, namely our NHC school board. Our house is on the market hoping to leave this corrupt town.


The concerned parents that attend these board meeting are the one's that also probably vote! So ATTENTION school board members,you may want to consider the neighborhood option very closely!

Kids or no kids in the

Kids or no kids in the system, these are the future individuals that will be deciding how to run YOUR future health care, social security payments, roads, bridges, etc. Not to mention - if you will not depend on anything provided by government, they will be entering the workforce, perhaps your future health provider or employee or boss? These kids will eventually affect more than we can even imagine, for better or worse. I would rather ALL of them be better educated, and that does not neccessarily equal to private schooling. It means all kids in all schools receive a decent education.

Neighborhood only option

My son attended Snipes and Johnson Elementary Schools for kindergarten and first grade and it was a TERRIBLE experience!! Since relocating our son has excelled for the last four years.One of our reasons for us moving, was to give him a better learning environment.While attending the above mentioned schools,the teachers were constantly tied up with discipline issues and dealing with INCOMPETENT parents , who probably do not value a decent education because they have misguided priorities.These people are not whining ,they are the one's who are engaged with their children.Given the current graduation rate in our state , our children need the best environment. People's home buying decisions are influenced by the schools.The individuals who could care less about school redistricting were probably poor academic achievers themselves and probably are not involved in any type of school activity!


Well its not a FREE service since tax dollars pay for it so they have every reason to complain. What's ridiculous is your spelling (Rediculous) are you a product of a public school?


I am sick to death of hearing about these whiney butt parents who complain about redistricting. If you don't want to have to deal with this then send your kids to private school. Otherwise quit complaining about a free service. Rediculous!

I see.....

You have no concept on this and show your complete ignorance with such statements.


school is hardly a free service, and why is it that a parent is considered a 'whiney butt' b/c they want a consistent school setting for their children? Public School offers a rich environment for a child to learn in as opposed to private schools who are able to discriminate as freely as they wish. Not everyone can afford to pay tuition costs every year. If you understood whats important about being a parent then you may understand why we want our kids to attend a school that is not only close by, but within the community that houses it.

Wake up, Barney!

"Public School offers a rich environment for a child to learn in as opposed to private schools who are able to discriminate as freely as they wish." Every species in the world (to include man) is governed by the law of "survival of the fittest." Trust me, it's a jungle out here and when I interview your kid, I could give a hoot about that "rich environment" he or she received. I want to see a high GPA, astounding academic achievement, scholarships, and most of all, a thorough in-depth knowledge of the field I require. Unless you have signed onto the Socialist mediocrity that is the dominant new religion in America, get your kids out of the government schools and into private or parochial schooling. Exposure to the seamy side of life and the chronic underachievers doesn't do anything but dumb-down your kids, as they are forced to sit through dumbed-down classes for the sake of the inept and lazy.


If you can't afford to pay for private school and you have your kids in public then know that something that comes to you at the cost of a collective whole is not going to be perfect. If you kids can't learn to deal with changing surroundings they are going to turn out pretty pathetic in life!


This from the guy with no children. Ridiculous (with an "i")

Do you really not get why

Do you really not get why this has a big impact on families. Kids will have completely different schedules if they have to be bussed across the county. Parents will have to make new arrangements in order to meet the new hours. Not to mention the fact that I worked very hard to buy a home in a safe neighborhood outside the inner city and now they want to send him right back into the hood to go to school. Why should he have to wait outside for the bus or me to pick him up in a known drug/gang area dodging bullets. I would love to send him to private school, but its not financially possible at this time for me as well as a lot of other parents. I don't think it is a lot to ask for to have my kids to be safe and near there home.

It isn't free, just like the

It isn't free, just like the healthcare won't be. It's paid for with taxes. Why don't we just do like we used to and send kids to the schools that are closest to them. The buses save gas, the kids arrive at school and home earlier and the parents are happy. No phd here.


Obviously you have no children in the school system. And it's not free. These people are paying their taxes for their kids to go to school. They have every right to complain. Nobody wants their kids on a bus that long. If your sick of hearing about it, stop listening.


I don't have them yet my taxes have to go to pay for the little runts. I could not CARE LESS about your kids until I have to listen to them screaming!


And where did you go to school at? If it was public school there were plenty of people without children paying for that education. And what a wonderful human being you are to say you couldn't care less about children. Hope you get a heart before your end.


Are you trying to say we participate in quiet will all be over soon...and we will take care of you and hold you and squeeze you...

Redistricting response

Perhaps if someone cared a little more about your education, you would have spelled "ridiculous" correctly.


Speaking as someone who types around 80 words per minute, occasional mistakes happen. However, having been put through private schools & prep schools and then through Duke and a MBA from Stanford, I think my education is quite complete. My parents didn't rely on others to pay for their childern's education...they paid for it. While I fully accept that not everyone can afford this, I do expect that since I am helping to foot the bill I shouldn't hear quite so much complaining!

Bridge For Sale

If anyone is believing for a second that WilmingtonMAJ has a degree from Duke and Stanford please let me know. I have a bridge I would like to sell you. The guy is a complete donkey.

To respond to

To respond to "WilmingtonMAJ", your last statement was both insulting and really uneducated. Sir you can all the degrees in the world and the most prestigious schooling, but sir you lack the most important trait compassion. There are many, myself including that have chosen careers which do not afford us the "Luxury" of sending our children to private school. We have chosen careers in public service, not due to our lack of private education, but due to that is what we wanted to choose. To enlighten you further these careers do not come with high paying salaries. They do come with pride and fulfillment. My children know this and appreciate that we make do with our life, not over stretching ourselves. In your rational you say if people can not afford private education they have no opinion. Sir, let me enlighten you to the problems people are having with the re-districting...People buys homes, make lives and their children accumulate to a school and neighborhood. Then the NHCS decides that even though there a school 10 minutes from your home, you should be bused 40-60 minutes to a different school so you can fill a racial quota. I have an issue with this as my child should not have to endure an exuberant bus ride to a school that is under-performing, having teachers that have relationships with students, constant lock downs, brawls, and just a lack of human decency. This is not just one school there are several with these problems. You have stated that your taxes pay for my child’s education, sir do your re-search and find out the percentage of your taxes go toward education. You will be surprised it is not much. Just like my taxes pay for road up-keep, city employees, parks, and the thousands of other services needed. I do not use some of those services, but in your rational I should complain for paying for those services? So to wrap it up with my limited education from public school and putting myself through college.... Yes, I will complain, I will attend meetings, I will fight, and I will allow my daughters the safest public education as that is what our public service salaries afford us. Please excuse any grammar, spelling mistakes as my parents taxes paid for my education.