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Cumberland County halts Bible distribution to elementary schools

FAYETTEVILLE (AP) -- Schools officials in Cumberland County are no longer allowing outside groups to leave Bibles in elementary schools. That ruling from the school system's attorney comes after the mother of a fifth grader complained about a stack of Bibles left in her son's classroom. Geri Weaver filed a complaint with the American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina. The ACLU argues that a past federal court case prohibits outside groups of providing Bibles to elementary school students. The ACLU says impressionable young students would think that the school was promoting the bible. School system attorney David Phillips says he believes the issue could be argued, but he decided to suspend the practice in elementary schools. (Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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Bibles in School

Regardless of how you believe - Jesus Christ still loves you. Just because you don't believe in God doesn't change His existence and the fact that He created you and he will one day be your judge. Christian are to set the same example that Christ did- not to compromise but to love unconditionally.

moderation is key

Moderation is the key, the over zealots will do more harm than convert non-believers. Just like the muslim nut cases that will kill over a picture of mohammed. Check this story: CNN Shows what happens when the crazys run the world.

May GOD bless you all. I

May GOD bless you all. I will be praying for for each of you. I hope that one day you will have the peace and love that I that I have. For it comes from GOD !!!


I have what you have and it came from inside me. Because we do not believe in your god we are lacking something in your mind. What a shame that you can not understand that we are just as whole and happy as you and we do not need a supreme being to give it to us.

Don't like it, don't read it

I could care less what other people believe in. It is a proven fact that crime has risen since religion has been completely taken out of school. But that's not the point I'm trying to make. What is the big deal about having the bible in school? If you don't want your child to read it, then tell them not to. Why should other students suffer because of one kid. I feel sorry for the student who's mother made this complaint. He will lose friends and be picked on by everyone at the school. And its not even his fault. Our Country is turning into a sad state of affairs. I'm just glad I'll be dead before things go so much worse that I will be ashamed to be called an American

media censorship

My comment was not posted and it was NOT OFFENSIVE TO ANYONE!

Stack of Bibles

Let's replace scool system attorney David Phillips with a stack of Bibles and see if thing don't come around a little. At least it would cost God fearing tax payers a little less... the Bibles are donated and you know David is getting paid for this.

Filing next week

I'm filing a complaint locally in New Hanover County against having the Koran and Torah and any other religious texts in classrooms as well.


So just teach them in civics class that we swear on a stack of Harry Potter books before we testify in court and now that they are in middle school how bout a stack of condoms left in the classroom... never mind that it's against the law for children this age to have sex and we'll all see how well this PC education turns out.


It is not a thing wrong with bibles in the school. God knows if it was the kids today may not be in some of the mess that some of them are in. You are your kid does not have to read the bible,so why do you feel you have the right to get it out of the schools there are some kids who would like to read the bible, so why don't you people leave it alone. You are not made to read the bible.


Ruth, have you ever read the Koran Bible? What Bible do you read? There is only ONE Bible, The Holy Bible. Unfortunatly, some people have made up what they believe just like the different religions out there, some pray to Mary some to Jesus...inn the Holy Bible he says you believe in him not his mother.. when did we stray away from the origional? I don't want my children exposed to any of these other books. There is only but one God for everyone!

Way to say it

Only one Bible, written in english just like they spoke back then. Actually the stories were translated from several languages, Aramaic being a primary one. The school board was just chicken of a lawsuit and should be voted out at the first possible chance. The Bibles were given to be used at the childrens discretion, not there being stuffed down their throats.

What's next?

This nation is quickly becoming a nation turning against Jesus. Look at the other nations that don't believe in him and look at the condition that they are in. Hard to imagine that we could be in the condition as many of them but it can happen a lot faster than one might think.

bible in school/decent humans

The bible does not belong in school. if you wish to have your kid read it then do it at home with them where you can explain what is being read in your opinion. Lack of bibles or religion does NOT make a child a bad person that is really not the basis of a decent person. Being raised with morals, understanding, patience, compassion, honesty and to abide by the laws is what makes a good person. I was raised by mostly non christian parents, no church etc. My son was raised in the same way and so is his daughter. NONE of us are bad people, my son is 23, never broke a law, drank or did drugs, hard working, never got into any trouble ever. He is a good human being and not having any sort of god in his life has not hurt him at all. We are all loving , happy, close and free thinking. Religion is not a basic need it is a chosen belief system. We chose not to believe in or practice it and none of us are lacking in any way from it. I am sure all you christians will disagree with this but not all of us need to believe there is some sort of all mighty punisher of sins to behave ourselves. How many wars have been fought over atheism?


IF you are an atheist, and,Let's say you have cancer with about two months to live,I think you WILL start praying. (Just in case you might think your wrong about there being a God.) When I was in elementary school, We all said the Lord's Prayer and the pledge of alliegence, (with one nation under God in it of course.)The 10 commandments were also displayed as far as I can remember and You know what, We did'nt need police in any of the schools I went to all the way through the 12th grade. I don't know,I'm just saying! By the way, I'm only 42 years old so it was'nt so long ago.

Thank the War on Drugs

You can pay many thanks to the War on Drug for the crime in schools, as well as other areas.


Cobymobi, I am 45 and I was in school in Charlotte. We had a cop in Jr. high which was 7th grade and through high school. I remember saying the pledge of allegiance and saying grace before we went to lunch in elementary school. Never saw any commandments those were only in church where they are suppose to be. The kids of today are OUR kids so what did we do wrong? My kid is fine, no trouble at all from him. It is not lack of bibles in school that have made the kids of today the way they are it is the PARENTS of today (you and I). It is also the way the bad kids are dealt with or NOT dealt with at an early age. Most of them are so materialistic it is pathetic. They get this from their absentee parents buying everything available to make up for their absence, Mom has to work full time to buy all the crap the kids see on TV. While they raise themselves or have some community daycare do it. When Mom/dad get home the kids have a nice 42" electronic babysitter. Greed is rampant among the younger ones ,this comes from the parents trying to outdo the Joneses. This is not the lack of religion this is lack of parenting, lack of you Sunday Christians not doing the job. Too much temptation, money to be had, things to buy, cars to drive, new electronics, furniture, booze, drugs.....w/e your vice. If I knew I had a few months to live I would be getting my will in order, letting my family know how much I love them, spending time doing things I put off and finding god at the last minute wouldn't be one of them. "IF" you are an atheist? Cant get your mind around that? Do you still believe in Santa? Ok, then.

Das Weibstuck

There is no atheist bashing here. You are what you choose to be.I'm not trying to convert anyone. I personally believe there is a god. That's me. I don't think I am any better than anyone else. I do not think that saying the Lord's prayer hurt anyone either. I also remember in elemetary school, the teacher or principle could spank children.I was spanked once for spitting at someone on the school bus after I was spit on first.I don't know if the other kid got spanked, but I know I did'nt act up anymore after that. Now the parents don't spank there own children for fear of having them taken away. I guess that's another whole can of worms though.

too bad

it's a shame that you will not publically reveal yourself and say this. you need to go find a country better suited to your religious INTOLERANCE!

Thump, thump

Guest TOO BAD: "it's a shame that you will not publically reveal yourself and say this." (Thats publicly by the way.) Who are you? Is this the dark ages? Do you have your wooden stake and silver bullets ready? Stones piled high? Maybe we should tattoo a HUGE "A" on their forehead so you can spit at them as they walk by. It is NONE of your business who wrote that post. Even atheists have opinions. Oh my what do ya know? Your god gave them a mind too and apparently they used it in spelling class. I believe in fairy's, you believe in a fairytale.


Probably wont reveal themselves because they don't want all you bible thumpers in their yard trying to turn them into you. Freethinking is not a bad thing. There are a lot of people who do not think like you all. Why are you all so hateful? I guess your bible doesn't say love everyone. Atheists are not the intolerant ones here, or in this country. Go ahead slam me now.


"How many wars have been fought over atheism"? Probably as many as the number of atheists in a fox hole. God isn't about a religion. He is about a relationship. When our life is in jeporady it is in all of us to ask for help from the One that made us. God is love.


My Dad was in a foxhole, he is an atheist. So that little idea is wrong. He did not ask for help from anyone he used his brain to save his butt. Next. Love is just a word. The act or feeling of love and loving is possibly the only thing that can help you out in any precarious situation.

Atheisim wars

How many wars have been fought over atheism? None. The Christians are too busy killing people in order to save their souls!

Peace loving muslims

And no peace loving muslims have killed anyone...

And we'll keep on

Yes, and good people will keep contending with the Godless atheists wherever we find them.


Godless is better than a mindless follower of fairy tales. I think its us that have to contend with you and your closed mindedness. Have you ever had an atheist all up in your face trying to turn you into an atheist? Some Christians are really self righteous to a fault. I laugh at you, seriously. Raised Catholic. Saw the hypocrisy. Cleared my mind. Freethinking is so much better.


Where do you get your "morals" and what do you think the "laws" were based on. You can believe the world is flat if you like but it won't make you right. Yes, each true Christian (as well as the Jew and the Catholic) knows your wrong and how that turns out, because... in God we trust.


I believe in Santa AND I bet you do as well. Easter Bunny? Gnomes? I is the TOOTH FAIRY !!!Am I right? There was only one true Christian and he was killed on a cross. Christians are nothing like the god they say they believe in.

Justin, you seriously need

Justin, you seriously need to do some research. Moral law existed well before any man made religion. I respect your adherence to your faith but I personally don't need a god to tell me that killing someone is wrong, stealing from someone is wrong, etc. As an atheist I have no problem sharing these ideals with people of faith because they are common sense and benefit mankind as a whole. Just because they are written in your good book does not compell me to believe in your god.