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Cunningham talks to Wilmington Voters


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Cal Cunningham spent time Sunday afternoon talking to voters at Jesters Java in Wilmington. It was the last stop on a tour across the state for the Democratic candidate for US Senate.

Cunningham is running against Elaine Marshall and Kenneth Lewis for the Democratic nomination to oppose incumbent Richard Burr for one of North Carolina’s Senate seat.

While in town, Cunningham emphasized that the economy and jobs are the biggest issues facing voters today. However, he also discussed offshore drilling, which has been a controversial topic recently.

"We recognize the perils that can be raised by offshore drilling," Cunningham said. "We're seeing that in the Gulf (of Mexico) right now. That's why I've said I don't think that's the right answer for North Carolina."

Election Day is Tuesday. Polls are open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

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Friendly venue

The Democrats view Wilmington a friendly venue along the campaign trail because of it's liberal mindset. Wilmington and Chapel Hill are liberal hotbeds where they can expect a positive reception. Wilmington is not just Hollywood East but San Fransicso East. The Democrats including Elaine Marshall , have been in control of state government for over one hundred years and their record of accomplishments has been very poor. We are the highest taxed state in the South and one of the most corrupt under Democratic rule. People around here are like abused children , they just tolerate sorry government without taking a stand !

Vote Straight Ticket Republican

As an Independent , no Democratic candidate is worthy of the office . It is time to break up this Democratic monopoly on power. Their liberal, Marxist agenda will not promote prosperity but dependency . If you like higher taxes, government run health care , illegal aliens , gay and lesbian rights, the meddling of BIG government in your daily lives and lack of job creation then the Dumbocrats are your party. They like to state that one of the primary objectives are jobs and the economy but the policies they promote do not create jobs or stimulate the economy. Forcing government run health care down our throats was their primary objective.The amount of debt accumulated under Obama's watch will come back to haunt this nation because they have no plan to create prosperity.Vote for the Republican incumbent , Richard Burr.

The problems in the republican party

The problem with voting a straight Republican ticket is this ... they (the Republican party) need to understand the mistakes they have made .... yes IT has made, in order to fix things (kind of like when your wife leaves you and you blame it all on her, taking none of the responsibility ... then the next one leaves too ... should you be surprised?) ... they are the reason the Democrats are in office right now. You mention Marxist as a democrat trait and in the next sentence talk about certain classes of citizens that should not have rights ... this kind of rhetoric is typical of the things the Republican needs to come to terms with. Young people voted Obama into the White House ... not because of economics ... they are not experienced with that yet (This is why, once they get older their Utopia views of the world change) ... the thing that has turned them to Obama and the rest of the liberals is because of the non-tolerant stance of the Republican party. It is time for real Republicans to say enough is enough with their so-called conservatives ... I call them so-called conservatives because the only time the constitution concerns them is when it has to do with money ... their views on personal rights is for %&#t, and they somehow mistakenly believe the framers of the constitution gave us a Christian-based Government ... Barry Goldwater told all republicans this was coming, back when the "Moral Majority" (which is neither, by the way) started their assault on the American people ... as he said ... "get out of the bedroom and back in the boardroom"


I don't know how you can call yourself an independent,but then again I can because most of them don't have a clue.

Divide and conquer, right?

Divide and conquer, right? Its all the Dumbocrats fault. Right??? Isn't it?????

Elaine Marshall

Vote for Elaine Marshall and you can not go wrong. I have known Elaine Marshall for many years and she works for all of us no matter what party we may belong to. She stays on top of the issues and she is such a humble person always ready to listen to any problem you may have. I will be voting for Elaine Marshall and I do not like to waste my vote so please vote for someone who is willing and able to help us solve the many problems which now exist in NC and our country.


Joe Bowden
2508 Oleander Drive
Wilmington, NC., 28403