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Curtis Wright moving to WAAV-AM


Wilmington, NC – 980 WAAV, a Cumulus station, is pleased to announce the addition of Curtis Wright to its morning radio talk show lineup.

Curtis Wright brings an abundance of experience with him to WAAV most recently hosting The Morning Beat with Curtis Wright on the Big Talker FM. In addition, Mr. Wright has been involved with the formation and management of several community and civic organizations in southeastern North Carolina including a Founder and past President position of the Council of Neighborhoods Association; Founder of the Northeast Library Action Committee; and past treasurer of the Family & Neighborhoods Institute of North Carolina; Curtis most recently brought together several community organizations to create The North Carolina Coastal Conservative Coalition.

Mr. Wright is a recent recipient of the ‘Defender of the American Dream Award’ for his work in promoting Conservative principals and his ‘grassroots’ advocacy across North Carolina. He has also worked as the creator and Founder of the highly successful North Carolina Coastal Conservative Conference and the many ‘Stand Up & Vote’ live broadcast candidate’s forums.

Ironically, Mr. Wright started his radio career here at the WAAV as an editorial contributor, over a 9 year period before hosting his own show.

WAAV welcomes Curtis Wright beginning June 1.


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President Ronald Wilson Reagan Height

Don't know where caller on morning of 6/3/11 got his information that President Reagan was only 5'9" tall, but he was actually 6'1" tall. Only 8 presidents were taller with Honest Abe being the tallest at 6'4"

Curtis Wright

This guy is a twit!! You had a great show every morning with Rhonda now we have to listen to this twit every morning. Now youhave his little college robots on at 5 p.m. he never has anything new or good to say about anyone. when I get up and listen to the radio in the morning I sure do not want to hear his hate spewing garbage. I want to hear about Wilmington and hear from the people of Wilmingon. ( Like the show Rhonda had) and yes I am a conservative but I am tired of hearing all theconservatives bitch and gripe all the time.


Curtis needs to stop following me around... and stealing my shows. He wouldn't be anywhere with out me building an audience for him to take over and grow. Will he give me any credit... no shot... it's all about Curtis. He has the listeners fooled... he doesn't care about them either... just himself and everyone "following" him.

I'm truly amused.

Dude, that was truly funny.

I bet I know who really wrote this. And I bet you know who I am. Watch. I'll prove it.


A Local Fabio

It's too bad this guy didn't get a TV show, because I'm sure women would totally dig looking at an older version of Bud Selig with bigger ears.

Liberal alternative

Hey libs , you still have the RED STAR for your daily indoctrination.

Good Luck with that... See

Good Luck with that... See how long he lasts at the little am station he used to trash. The man that "thinks" he knows everything has had an average life-span of about 3 years at each employer(he has ever worked with)before he gets shown the door.

3 years

Sadly enough, three years is "forever" in the job market lately.

OMG! He was all mouth!

I thought we had finally gotten rid of this big mouth as other towns have. Well hopefully all the static from this low power AM station will over-power his................

The Wright Man

Let the fireworks begin again on the local airwaves ! I will be dialed in !

Will be following him

I will be following him to WAAV.. I have been a very long time listener and will now be changing my dial to 980.. They have made a great choice in hiring him.

Welcome back Curtis...

Making the switch to the AM dial

I was a loyal Curtis Wright listener and I will be making the switch to WAAV. Welcome back to the airwaves , Curtis !

Good Luck Curtis!

I hope his time slot competes with his old employer. The Big Talker is sinking fast. I know I will tune in to Curtis.

From a low-rated FM station

From a low-rated FM station to an even lower-rated AM station. Good luck with that.