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Cycling for a cause

Cape Fear cyclists got it in gear to help fight breast cancer Sunday. The Cape Fear Cyclists Bicycling Club held its first Can Bike Fundraiser at Blue Clay Bike Park. Riders of all ages participated in the mountain bike event. While there were 11 competitive classes, organizers say the start of the day had special meaning for everyone involved. “The most important part though is the in honor of lap, or the in memory of lap that we're starting off with. And that's for people that don't want to compete, they just want to come out and support it,” said Jay Pearce, Can Bike organizer. All the proceeds from the event will benefit New Hanover Regionals Pink Ribbon Project. The project provides comfort bags to breast cancer patients and helps provide free mammograms for uninsured women through the Coastal Care van. Pearce said they hoped to raise $5,000 for the cause.

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As one of the event coordinators for CANbike, I must say I am disappointed that some people overlook the purpose of what we are trying to accomplish because of their opinions of cyclists. CANbike is a mountain bike race held on off-road trails. Our goal is to raise money for breast cancer awareness and prevention. We had a great turnout and a very successful first year with this event. Our goal is to give back to our community, and I hope that is not overshadowed by prejudice against a completely different occurrence. As far as rights, cyclists have every right to be on the road. Please educate yourself on the laws. J.J. Pearce Event Coordinator, CANbike

Is this the same bunch of

Is this the same bunch of idiots that block traffic with your "critical mass" rides on Fridays? If so, Wilmington should take away any privileges or land rights given to your silly little club for riding your bikes.


As one of the hard working, non-paid coordinators of CAN BIKE I am offended at your comment to cyclists. I was/am trying to get cancer awareness out there to the public in a fun family way and decided to create this event with my husband and two friends. We have family touched by different cancers and thought more people need to learn about the different cancers and screenings out there! Just because it has to do with cycling and we were in the have to be negative and talk about critical mass. If the rules of the road would be followed more for cars/cycling we wouldn't have as many problems and gas consumption could go down and families would be safer on the road. Sorry you had to be negative to such a positive fun day we had at the park including a nice turn out for the first year of running this event...why don't you make an appointment to meet us out there and learn to ride and enjoy/share the fun.

Reply to "Is this the same bunch of Idiots?"

Dear Wilmingtonian, Why is it, that any time cycling is mentioned it always bring up such hatred in you people: the automotive-supremacists. What's happening here, Wilmingtonian, is your taking a collection of people for whom you have some kind of personal agenda with and associating them with another group that is simply trying to help save lives and spread awareness about a disease that is killing women all over the world. So to answer your question "Is this the same bunch of idiots that block traffic with your "critical mass" rides on Fridays?" The answer Wilmingtonian, is NO. These are not the same bunch of "idiots". I can however see the similarities between the two and understand your confusion. For example: Both parties have an important moral and social message to spread. Both are pro-active in their communities. Both are pro-bicycle and pro-exercise. But most importantly: Both are concerned about the future and all of those in it. All of Which, I'm guessing, could never be mistaken with one single ounce of your moral consciousness. That includes both you and your cyclist-hating friends. Maybe you should, and this is just a suggestion mind you, investigate a group’s real purpose before you bash those involved with it. Besides all of that, I'm not so sure that your in any position to question the intelligence of either one of these groups, considering you wish that the city of Wilmington would take away privileges to a place they have absolutely no authority or jurisdiction over. That’s right, the fact is that even if they wanted to, Wilmington could not take away the park. It is a county sanctioned park on New Hanover County property, outside of the Wilmington city limits. In closing I would like to request that you please get a life and stop ridiculing those who choose to elevate their social and moral consciousness above the likes of you and all of your closed-minded cohorts. In the event you don’t head this request, please continue to post these ugly misinformed and hateful comments, they help everyone to see just how selfish and ignorant and otherwise unimportant you really are


Seriously!? Upon reading about a family-friendly cancer awareness event that occurred at a local park, you foment thinly veiled hate towards cyclists? What does that say about your entertainment options?

Maybe they should

...cycle for another cause as well. Like educating people to the fact that cars/trucks hurt when they hit you, so you shouldnt ride in the road.

Read the story moron! They

Read the story moron! They were not on the road. I am proud of Jay and everyone who helped him! Alot of hard work went into this day and all you can come up with is a negative comment. Shame on you!

um wow

wow dude, this is a mountain bike race. If you want to get up on your high horse and complain about people cycling on the road go somewhere else. These people were out there raising money for a good cause. And they were doing it in the woods. Do you hate all people on bicycles or just ones that happen to ride on the road like they have the legal right to do? Just curious.

Maybe you should get a clue...

This was an off-road race on mountain bikes at the Blue Clay Bike Park, which has 6 miles of singletrack trails. People can ride safety there without worrying about cars or the oversized clowns like yourself stuffed behind the wheels of them. Next time read the actual words (assuming you are able) before you go knocking a good thing. We raised money to help fight breast cancer. You are apparently fighting for first place in a dumbass marathon.